Testimonials of Stop Wasting Money Book

Bryan Rohrer • Internet DesignWorks.com

Carol & Norm Coots bring common sense to money management. Their book, Stop Wasting Money is both easy to read and provides a wealth of money saving knowledge that will assist you with tips and tricks to save on everything from groceries to medical bills.

You cannot go wrong with these money saving ideas as they demonstrate that you too can Stop Wasting Money with the advice in this book.

Christian Tombers • Think Sales 101.com

Numerous cost-saving ideas can be found in the book “Stop Wasting Money!” by Carol and Norm Coots.

This common sense money management guide for every day life is worth your investment. An easy to read reference, a guide and a keeper. You will save multiple times both at home and in business. Thereby getting the book virtually FREE.

Great R. 0. I.(return on investment)

Brenda Revilas

I have read your book from cover to cover. I think it is an awesome reference book. It's easy to understand and I like that it is written in a way that everyone can easily understand. I have learned a lot from it although obviously I have not had time to put the financial information to use yet, but will. I'm excited. Like so many other people, I know how important investments and retirement planning are, but other than what employment offers, I had no idea where to start, now I do. Thank you. You and Norm have done all of the research for me, now I just have to do it. All the websites I did not know were out there I can now go to and find all the information I need to plan retirement and STOP WASTING MONEY and TIME!

The household tips are impressive too. Some I already do, but I will let you know, I have baking soda and Dawn dish liquid in my toilet at this moment!!! I am out of bowl cleaner and did try comet, it did ok, but we have well water with rust and it's hard to keep the toilet clean. I’ll let you know what I think. I have left vinegar in the bowl over night and that worked very well, but I’m out of vinegar...time to go to the store. I buy vinegar by the gallon because I use it in the laundry to keep our close from turning yellow from the rust and it is a great alternative for fabric softener. We have a water softener but it doesn’t work that great. I learned the vinegar trick from my grandmother. You can add that to your book if you like. Grandma would be proud.

Your book is GREAT !!!
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