Road to Savings

February 7th, 2013

I recently contacted a lady named Debbi King on a website I came across. She has many of the same principals on saving money as we have used ourselves and in our book, Stop Wasting Money. I asked her to share  as a guest blogger what does it really take to start over financially for our followers. Debbi’s contact information is found at the bottom of this article.

We all say that we want to save money, but many of us don’t know where to start.  I had this same feeling years ago after I had filed for bankruptcy and was starting over, financially.  So I decided to start everywhere.  That seems like too much, but let me explain.

One of the greatest tools I used to turn my financial life around was a budget.  I know most people cringe every time they hear the word “budget”, but it is a great tool if used properly.  You can’t look at a budget as something keeping you from having what you want.  You have to look at it as a tool for you controlling your money instead of it controlling you.  I challenged myself to look at every category and see where I could save money.

There are two main kinds of expenses we all have:  fixed and discretionary.  You can find savings in both categories, although the discretionary is the one you have the most control over.  Let’s visit both kinds of expenses and see where you can save money.

Fixed Expenses

  • Rent/Mortgage – You may think that you can’t control this item, but you can.  You decide where you are willing and want to live.  Your rent or mortgage (with insurance and taxes) should be no more than 25-27% of your take home pay.  If it is more than that, you are living in a place you cannot afford.  It is okay to move or sell your house.  A house is just a building and you will find another one that you like.  A home is wherever you are.  We downsized from an apartment with a $750 rent to an apartment with a $500 rent.
  • Telephone/Cable/Cell Phone – These expenses are a mix of need and want and you need to adjust them accordingly.  If you are in a contract on any of these items, you will either need to wait until the contract ends or pay the early termination fee, whichever is less.  These are items that you can have and should have, but you don’t need all of the bells and whistles and every channel they offer.  We went from a phone with a plan to a great prepaid phone.  We also went to basic cable.
  • Electric Bill – You can’t change what company you use or what they charge, but there are hundreds of simple changes you can make within your home to lower your bill.  Some examples are unplugging every plug when you are not using it, turn a light off when you leave the room, use the energy cycle on your appliances, and lower/raise your thermostat two degrees in the winter/summer.  We did everything from lowering the heat and layering to drying clothes outside in the summer.
  • Credit Cards – If you have credit card debt and monthly payments, you do not have a lot of control over your monthly obligation.  However, you can if you have good credit, combine all of your cards onto one new card with a lower interest rate and focus on paying that off.  This isn’t new debt; it is a way to manage debt you already have.  The best thing you can do while you are paying the credit cards off if to not incur any additional fees above the interest you are already paying.  This means always pay the minimum and make your payment immediately upon getting the bill.  This will save you in late fees and additional interest.  We stopped all debt and then attacked a debt snowball to pay back the couple of credit cards we had.
  • Car Loans/Insurance – Again, it will be hard to lower a car payment, but you can get rid of your car payment by selling your car, paying off the loan and buying a car with cash.  With your car insurance, the key is to shop using an independent insurance agent.  And as soon as you get your $1000 emergency fund in place, up your deductibles to $1000.  This will save you a lot of money.  We use a great independent insurance agent to shop for us every six months and we drive well in order to not get any tickets that would cause our insurance to go up for 3 years.

Discretionary Expenses

  • Groceries and Eating Out – Eating out should be a treat, not all of the time.  With groceries and eating out, always look for coupons and deals.  Do not be ashamed to use a coupon.  Also, take advantage of discount grocery stores such as Aldi and Bottom Dollar Food.  The food is the same at a much lower price.  Make sure to know what is on sale and stock up when you can.  We started buying store brand when possible, stocking up when meats and cheeses were on sale, and planning our meals before we went to the store.
  • Gasoline and Car Repairs – You can’t control the price of gas, but you can get the most out of your tank.  Plan your errands and trips and get the most done at once as possible.  Also, how you drive and maintain your car can affect your gas mileage and your repairs.  We started planning our outings better and driving no more than 5 miles over the speed limit.
  • Entertainment – Plan for something once a month if you can, but learn to take advantage of free fun.  You need to have fun in your life, but do not go broke doing it.
  • Clothing – You can find great items at your local thrift store and consignment shops.  Or even at your local discount store.  You don’t have to buy everything at the mall.  We learned to live with what we already had.  If we needed or wanted something, we found a way to get it at the lowest price possible by taking the time to shop around and waiting until we found it within our budget.

These are our categories on our budget and how we found savings in each one.  You may have budget categories in addition to these and I would challenge you to think about how you can save money, even a few dollars, in each category.  I read an article yesterday where a guy saved $275 a year just by changing brands with his everyday products like soap and deodorant.  Savings can be found anywhere and they all add up.  Start finding your savings today and watch how fast they grow.



Written by Debbi King

Personal Finance Coach, Motivational Speaker and

Author of “The ABC’s of Personal Finance”

Healthcare Costs, Reform Misconceptions, and This Presidential Election

October 26th, 2012

I do not listen to much political rhetoric due to so many misconceptions and many misleading comments to try to sway people one way or the other. I wanted to share information about the US healthcare reform laws that many do not understand.

1. This law addresses the continuing massive efforts to stop over billing, incorrect billing, abuse and fraud in healthcare that is costing everyone so much extra money. I am a fraud and abuse healthcare auditor. Many of the statistics are true per audits that 90% of hospitals over bill. I am not just talking about the costs per item/service. Every time an item is ordered it usually placed automatically into the billing system. You may or may not receive this item (open or use it per records), yet it may not be removed from your bill. I have seen as much as 75 -85% of physician billing that is also incorrect and over billed based on documentation in the records. Not all physicians or hospitals are bad. There just are a lot of careless errors that costs us so much more money in the U.S.

2. Pre-existing condition is set to go away if the healthcare reform law stays as is. What does this mean for everyone in the US? The health insurance industry would not be able to deny claims if you change insurance. For example: if you or a spouse is downsized due to the economy or some major accident that you cannot work the health insurance companies are not allowed deny your claims because you lost coverage. Romney wants to do away with this. He is trying to mislead the public staying if you do not lose your insurance pre-existing condition will not be allowed. This is already in effect without the healthcare reform laws. This is how so many people are hurt by greed because of so many people who have been hurt financially by this economy. Medical bankruptcy is at an all time high. If you lose your job (or medical benefits) insurance companies can refuse to cover you for that condition for at least 1 year or permanently without this reform law.

3. Total dollar amount coverage will change with this law also if it stays in effect. Right now, for example, most insurance policies have a total dollar amount that they will spend to cover you for your lifetime. An example would be like $500,000 – $1 million. We should be asking what happens then. We are out of luck because if you or someone in your family has high medical bills and runs through their entire insurance policy dollar allowed amounts the only choice is Medicaid, which can have up to a two year waiting period before coverage occurs. Medicare possibly, if an adult, with enough working credits may be able to go on Social Security early payments after a length process. The healthcare reform laws change this to not allow any dollar amounts in total coverage. What does this mean for our U.S. citizens? The health insurance industry just cannot drop our coverage because of high bills. I have personally seen people who have developed catastrophic conditions like cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. spend through their entire policy coverage amount and with such a diagnosis are refused coverage after dropped by that insurance company.

4. Profits from health Insurance and major medical (hospital) CEO’s with the healthcare reform laws have major changes. The majority of all money received is required to be used to pay for services and not for CEO’s to continue to get richer and richer at the expense of the U.S. citizens with these laws. Do we really want this law to change so that few people get the real medical care they need and can afford, while the CEO’s are getting richer and richer at our expense?

5. Medicaid Expansion – do we really want this to go away as more and more lose coverage and jobs? Many may say Medicaid that this is not important to me. What we need to keep in mind is if you run through the entire coverage amount for your health insurance and develop a catastrophic medical condition (for example: from a accident (if it is your own fault), heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes complications, etc) and money is not available in our Medicaid system we are just “out of luck”. The unfortunate side to this is we may physically and mentally suffer from complications, and die a possible painful early death.  If we need nursing home care/home health Medicaid money may not be available to help cover many additional individuals due to rising costs.

6. Healthcare Exchanges – What these are in a nutshell is a way for individuals to purchase health insurance at a lower cost if they do not have coverage. It is basically placing all of the individuals under a “group umbrella” to cut the costs of individual policies.

The healthcare reform laws are very detailed and complicated. We, as U.S. citizens, need to make sure we understand the basics that are at stake for us with this upcoming election. Who do you know who has lost health insurance benefits from this economy and cannot afford basic care? It will only hurt our citizens more if we keep making the healthcare CEO’s richer and continue to hurt us as a nation that deserves basic medical benefits. This is not just about the presidential election. This is also about who is elected or re-elected in the senate and congress. Even on a state level areas like health care exchanges and Medicaid block grants will be decided by who we elect.

Three Ways to Increase Your Impact in the World

May 9th, 2012

By Guest Blogger Rachel Sayers

When I was growing up, my parents established a very meaningful tradition.  They made it a priority to have regular dates with us.  We would rotate between Mother daughter nights, Father son nights, Mother son nights, and Father daughter nights.  They were a lot of fun!

It didn’t take us kids long to realize that when we went out with Mom, Dad had pregiven her a “budget” amount to use for the evening.  But Dad actually did not hold the same standard to himself and would get swept away in the moment.  By the time we were at the checkout, you probably could have said, “Dad, can I buy a racehorse?” and he would of been like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, put it on the counter…”

We were not trying to be outright manipulative, but all kids quickly catch on to what they can get away with regarding their parents!  Whereas my Mom would be required to share the candy with us at the theater because she had a clear amount of money to make last for all of the activities, with Dad, we would get candy, popcorn, nachos, you name it because he had the whole wallet and wasn’t keeping track!

We have many family stories of how these outings ended up.  Especially when the boys would go out together!  They would come home with new fancy vacuum cleaners and gadgets of all kinds!  Once they brought home a robot they had bought!  They also purchased metal detectors!

I don’t know that any family bonding activity we ever did was simple, because that would be too, um, easy, right!?  (Think the Griswold’s…) When we went camping, it was with an excessive amount of gear!  Between the television, fan, etc.  it wasn’t really like camping at all!  And at the beach, I have several humorous flashbacks of my Dad (in his socks!) and brother scaling the beach with those metal detectors instead of relaxing in the sun with a paperback book!

Sometime between growing up as a habitual consumer who sought to be entertained and now, I have learned that finding real treasure isn’t as difficult as we think, but it is often buried!  Buried underneath familiarity, activity, and disorder.

What if I told you that being a wise steward isn’t always just thinking of how you can cut back and save money, but how you can take what you are already doing, and do it in such a way that it produces more than enough for you and others?

As a stay at home Mother with five home schooled children, learning how to be frugal and efficient with our resources has been an important part of our family growth and development.  Let me share with you three ways that we have begun to tap into our own treasure, in the hopes that this will help you to do the same.

First of all, I want to encourage you to take inventory!  Take inventory of yourself, your gifts, and your choices.  This is not always a simple thing to do, but it is a crucial step.  You may even want to think of yourself as a business or product so you can evaluate yourself and what you have to offer without the personal blocks or emotional patterns that may be getting in the way.  Sometimes our deepest gifts and calling is so much a part of us that we do not even notice it and maximize it.  Not only does this rob us from being fully compensated for these skills, but undervaluing ourselves and our contributions also means we are not as available as we need to be to help others.  Common sense is not actually common.  It is specialized.  What is unique about you?  How do you like to spend your time and energy?  Where do you go for inspiration?  Who do you feel you can serve and solve problems for?  Why are you motivated to do this?  What is your story?

Chances are, you don’t have to dig too deep to find your treasure chest, you just have to be open to find opportunities that align with your heart.  Once you get in touch with what is really in your heart, you will be able to clearly see what you value.  And if you value it, you probably hold a precious insight regarding the topic.

Second, assemble your tools.  What are you already doing in some capacity?  Why are you pursuing these actions?  How are you using tools in your daily life to accomplish these goals?  Which ones (tools and resources) are working for you well?  Where do you notice excellent results?  Who would benefit by learning about these things?

For example, I am a homeschooling/home birthing vegetarian woman who tends to appreciate natural solutions and holistic health.  I never considered my particular preferences to be exceptionally profitable until recently.  And, although profit is NOT my main motivation, I have come to see myself in a whole new light this past year.  I was literally sitting on a goldmine, and did not notice it.  So not only was my family missing out on some financial contributions I could have been making with some small changes and adjustments in my time usage, there are also a bunch of people who I was NOT reaching because I thought of myself as “just a housewife”.  Your awareness of these things is not only your own personal responsibility, it is really also a community issue.  And, when you are operating in your life assignment, you feel much more fulfilled as well.  This is why I am passionate about encouraging you to locate these treasures today!

I will use myself as a case study, since this is my only first hand reference point.  Many things started to become different for me when I determined to create instead of just consume.  One of the tools that I personally was using in my household and life were essential oils.  I would not say that they were my focus, at all, but I put them to work for us for medicinal purposes at times, for cleaning, and for their enjoyable fragrance ~ and had done so for years.

I had spent many of my at home moments over the past ten years writing from home while I was with the children.  Last year I thought it would be a great time to actually turn these writings into books.  That had been a long time dream of mine, and I found that the forties that were looming in front of me were a good incentive to finally get moving on this desire.

I tend to be a do-it-yourselfer, and so I went about things in this vein.  And generally, I think being resourceful is a handy skill, but there is a vibrancy that community and teamwork provides that is not always able to be duplicated solo.  Finally I had reached the point in my labor where I was could see that I might not make it to the end (at least not joyfully) unless I enlisted some help!  So my husband and I discussed my challenges and decided to hire a coach.  This person had already done a considerable amount of what I hoped to accomplish, and I could relate to her so she made a wonderful mentor.  I implemented her suggestions and an interesting thing happened on the way!  Like all great coaches, she noticed things that I did not, and showed me how I could position myself better to be a change maker with a broader platform while keeping my faith and family first.

One of the strategies that she suggested is that I not just buy my essential oils from health food store or natural food co-op, but use this interest I had in natural things and plants to build.  At first, I did not see the tie in.  I was on a very linear route, and had more of a wooden privacy fence mindset than a chain link philosophy.  But it didn’t take long for me to realize how one thing in my life could support another thing, and then even extend and offer support to others as well, at the same time ~ as long as it aligned with my values!

This decision to switch from going somewhere occasionally to purchase my essential oils retail, to instead get them each month at wholesale cost as an Independent Product Consultant for doTERRA (Latin for gift of the Earth) has not just given me the chance to use the best quality Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils daily, but has also created for me a means to connect with others who are also interested in sharing their contributions and discoveries.  (Like Carol Coots, who is such a brilliant and kind person!)

Of course I am still planning to publish my stories, but in the meantime, I have been able to earn money just by being myself and showing other people how I have been able to keep myself and my family healthy and strong without hype, prescription medicines, and other conventional propaganda.  You can’t beat that!  So thirdly, keep in mind that on the way to the adventure destination of the hidden treasure, you may need to stay on the lookout for those little detours.  Sometimes you can mine the very best gold out of adversity and your waiting time can be reframed as preparation time.  What are you ready to create? Do you really need a metal detector, or can you just start shuffling through the sand you are standing on and make your own castle?

Rachel Sayers is an Author, Speaker, and Teacher who passionately creates resources to empower people to live in health and wholeness.  She supports people in creating abundance and complete wellness in their lives and can be found at

Carol Coots has recently joined her team of doTERRA distributors, and will soon be teaching along side of her and independently on how to incorporate essential oils into your life for cost savings and practical day to day problem solving regarding everything from pain elimination to weight loss to cleaning with oils to pest control!  Stay posted to this blog for Carol’s upcoming classes and check out her new website here:
If you have any questions at all about essential oil usage or this business opportunity, please send a personal private contact message Carol at or follow me on Facebook at      or follow Carol at Practical Cost Reduction on Facebook or Stop Wasting Money on Facebook
You can find a digital doTERRA catalog here:  It contains a small description of each essential oil and a nifty usage chart for reference.

There are three ways to get your doTERRA oils!  The first is retail, on Carol’s website, which requires no commitments other than your purchase price.

The second way to secure these amazing oils is as a preferred customer.  This option costs $10 for a year subscription, and has no ordering requirements but means that you will always get a 20% discount.  This usually pays for itself if you plan to order more than $50 worth of items over a 12 month period.  You can sign up for this on Carol’s site as well, but please email her here to let her know you have done so because she will then email you a preferred customer price list for you to keep to save you time on math calculations!  Carol’s email is

And the third way to get your doTERRA essential oils (and our favorite) is to join our team!  When you commit to purchasing 100pv of product each month (which is one point for each dollar spent for essential oils), you not only get the very lowest prices, but you get many fringe benefits as well.  Like loyalty rewards points that you earn every time you place an autoship order.  (These equal 30% a month after just 13 months with the company, and you can redeem these points for products!).  As an IPC on our team, you also receive the opportunity to establish a new income stream for yourself and loved ones, a chance to opt in to the free product of the month club, special promotions and discounts the general public do not receive, and world class support and counsel from your team leaders.

Visit here to register and click “Join” in the top right corner:
Plus, as a special part of our team, you will receive a complimentary tuition to Heather Madder’s Wakeup Academy, which is a one of a kind success school that you can access anytime online that it is convenient for you.  It is packed full of videos, audios, and written training that helps you take your dreams and make them a reality.  Our team is the fastest growing doTERRA team ever, and we tend to think this is why!  This tuition is a value of $2700, and it is yours free!  We are a community of creative, compassionate people who are always ready to welcome you and assist you to launch into your specific greatness.  It’s easy to become an IPC!  You can do so on your own on Carol’s site ( link), and you can also do it with our assistance by email or on the phone.  Either way, we will send you a wholesale price list for your convenience and also be there to walk you through the commitment every step of the way!  We look forward to speaking with you and helping you determine which of these methods above would work the best for you!  If you are seriously interested in saving money and having better health please follow or send a personal message to Carol at  or purchase her book at  or Carol’s newest book on Cleaning with Essential Oils that will be available from Amazon on May 15, 2012.

Newlyweds and Financial Planning

April 26th, 2012

Now that all of the wedding planning is over, the cake has been eaten and the honeymoon has come and gone, it’s now time to sit down and take a serious look at your financial future together.  The first thing you should do as a couple is to sit down and have an open and honest discussion about each of your current financial situations.  This includes your income and all of your debts.  Don’t be afraid to disclose everything.  Remember, you are married and should be able to open up to each other.


After you have had your income and debt conversation, it is not time to work together to develop a budget that works for both of you.  The budget should include all of your household expenses and how each of you are expected to contribute to these expenses on a monthly basis.  Both partners do not have to contribute equally but the expectations of each others contributions should be put down in writing so there is no confusion.


Next, set some financial goals together for the two of you to meet.  If you are planning on starting a family, maybe you should set some financial goals towards affording some of the common expenses that having a baby entails, such as hospital and prenatal care, the cost of a crib and stroller, baby clothes and your child’s education.  If you two are interesting in buying a home or a new car, consider setting up a savings account or making monthly contributions into an existing savings account to fund these goals.  Just remember to make sure both of you are on the same page as far as your savings goals go.  Also, you can save for multiple things if both of you have a particular goal you want to work towards.  Don’t feel like you both need to agree 100% on one goal to save for.  Included in your savings goals should also be your individual retirement plans.  Monthly contributions into your retirement plans set up through your place of employment plus any additional money you plan to contribute on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis should be included in your budget and your savings goals and discussed on a regular basis with your spouse.


Finally, consider creating and contributing to an emergency savings plan.  You never know when something might happen and having an emergency fund to help curb the resulting damage can be a life (and marriage) saver.  Financial planners generally recommend trying to save at least six months worth of living expenses for this kind of savings plan.

Guest Blogger Author Bio: Elizabeth Roque is an in-house writer for <a href=>Franklin Debt Relief</a>. She presents information about debt relief programs, credit card debt reduction and getting out of debt on a variety of financial sites online.

Contest Giveaway for a Time Saving and Organizing Tool

December 2nd, 2011

I am working with List Plan It to give away at no cost a one year subscription to the list planning service. The winner will be chosen from a combination of blog entries here or comments on the website (both not necessary) at at the contact us area. I must have your full name and email address.

What I am looking for is on each entry (one entry per person), which is equal to a blog post or comment on the website is for everyone to go to List Plan It link

Everyone needs to review the different type of lists that are available and pick one (be specific on name of list) and write a blog post or comment on how you think this type of list you picked can save you time and money if used and why this specific list out of all lists available on their website. Full details of the contents of the lists are not available without purchase. I am looking for creativity on how a list can help save you time and money based on the topics of the lists that are available on their website. The contest is available from December 1, 2011 to December 18, 2011. Winner will be notified by email.


This can be a really great tool to save you time. Remember time equals money so if you use it unwisely you are wasting money that could be spent elsewhere on something you want or need.

You are granting your authorization for being contacted by placing a post on the blog or website. If you are interested in further classes on not wasting money or a newsletter please let us know.

How a Franchisee Can Help Turn Around Its Reputation and Financial Situation After Bankruptcy

June 27th, 2011

In this day and age with the economy in the state it is in many companies and individuals have had to file for bankruptcy. Below is suggestions if an individual franchisee owner has to file personal bankruptcy under chapter 7 or chapter 13 on how to get back on their feet.

Guest post by Sophie Kinsella

The Impact of a Franchisor’s Bankruptcy on A Franchisee

The immediate Impact- When a franchisor files for chapter7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, the franchisee greatly suffers from it. From training and advertising to marketing and supply chain- every single system gets dismantled. The franchisee loses its operational assistance from the franchisor. If the franchisor had any financial obligation towards the franchisee, with bankruptcy filing this even gets dissolved. And the ultimate damage comes in the form of damaging goodwill of the franchisor and obviously of the franchisee as well. It tarnishes the image of the company and lowers the public acceptability about their service and product.

How can a franchisee get back on its feet again-?

When such news spreads among public, a franchisee should take immediate action to wipe off the rumor from the mind of its consumers. There is a common perception among people. when franchisor files bankruptcy, people get under the impression that all its franchisees have also been collapsed at the same time. However, to eradicate such impression the franchisee should contact all the media channels television, radio, news paper and need to announce that the franchisee is in a sound condition. They have to tell repetitively that the franchisee is an individual and independent business party. They are totally untouched by any of the effect of bankruptcy. This is very crucial step for a franchisee to retain its business in the midst of this turmoil. Sometimes, the rival groups of the franchisor comes on the stage and keeps on bombarding the people with such negative campaign against the bankrupt company, that it hardly becomes possible for a smaller franchisee to fight for its brand name. If you need a detailed information on Bankruptcy, then please visit this website:

Franchisee should consider it as a boon, not as a bane-

In this circumstance, a franchisee must make some quick decision to mobilize its business and save itself from any potential lose. The franchisee falls into desperate predicament, when it loses the goods and services previously supplied by the franchisor. But now the franchisee cannot stop selling the products any more. It should immediately try to get access to the original supplier of the franchisor. It has to buy directly from that source and continue its business. As the franchisor had huge purchasing capacity, it could offer low price to the franchisee. From this time the franchisee might have to purchase those goods at higher price. But the franchisee will also get a great benefit from this if it can utilize this situation as an opportunity to become an exclusive provider of those goods and services. It is actually a golden opportunity a smaller company to grow bigger and tab the extensive market of the franchisor.

What Is Your Time Worth to Grow Your Own Food?

June 4th, 2011

I was recently looking at a site on Get Rich Slowly about growing your own food. In 2009 they claimed that the actual cost (seeds, dirt, fertilizer, and any other supplies) cost this family $351.37 for the year. They stated they received an equivalent of $809.75 worth of food as compared in price to the grocery store in their area. They also said it took them 71.5 actual hours of work to obtain this amount of food. What they did not include in the figures is what was their time worth to harvest this much food. The price at the grocery store includes the cost of the product, labor cost to harvest the product, cost to transport, plus a profit to the grocery store.

What is your time really worth? If you were to give yourself a $10/hour payroll for your time and you spent of 71.5 hours this would equal $715.00. If you add the $715.00 (time spent) to the $351.37 (actual cost) then your garden actually costs $1066.37 vs. $809.75 harvest value.

While this family did try to use organic as much as they could this could raise both the actual cost and harvest value if comparing to a traditional grocery store that usually does not carry as much organic food. What if your time is worth at home more than $10/hour then you are really losing money.

Sometimes it is worth going to farmers markets or organic grocery stores to get your fresher food and still save money. Valuing your time is critical to not waste money.

Inspirations for Starting a Business

May 25th, 2011

There are many reason to start a business. It could be your talent, your drive to be successful, or even to help others. If you start a business make sure you keep every receipt to lower your taxes. Below the original article and my part in the article can be found at:

1. LOVE Your Work!

A friend advised me to do what I’m good at, do what is easy for me and do what I love… sounds too simple, but it actually led me to starting two businesses that make work fun for me every day!

Most of us resist doing what’s easy and what we are good at – we’re too busy proving ourselves… what if business could be blissful and contribute way more to our life than just money?

Thanks to: Lisa Murray of Revive Business Coaching.

2. Making a Difference

I launched because of my desire to make a difference. I wanted to work with others to help move them forward in profound ways in their lives. I knew that I could offer the perspective, structure, support, guidance and honesty others needed to make big transitions in their lives. This drive to make a difference launched “Sane Spaces”, a professional consulting firm that brought my strengths, experience and skills together to help others regain sanity through clear spaces, systems, self & support.

Thanks to: Cena Block of Sane Spaces.



3. Just Around the Corner

Entrepreneurial spirit always resided in me all of my life, starting with my own paper route at 13. In 2009, with the help, direction and encouragement of a career transition counselor, Joe Schatt, my business was started in January 2009 in the midst of an economic down turn. Three years later, we are blessed and fortunate to be going and growing. What makes this amazing is Joe’s office was just two blocks from my house where we have lived for 17 years.

Thanks to: Myles Miller of LeadUP.Biz.



4. The Odds Were…

I have always had the entrepreneurial mindset, but suddenly when the odds were against me, I knew in my heart it was time. The situation said “No”, but my heart and mind said, “YESSSSS!” I have never regretted it.

Thanks to: Sherell Edwards of AGC Transport & Services, LLC.



5. Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

After helping bring a piece of the CITGO account to the ad agency where I worked, the agency resigned the business due to a conflict of interest.

Three days later, CITGO’s Director of Marketing/Promotions (an old friend) called and said, “I just put my neck on the line for you. If you want the account, it’s yours. Quit your job tomorrow, I’m flying to St. Louis.” I quit my job and Left Field Creative was born. We’re still going strong 15 years later. (And we’d love another gas/C-store account).

Thanks to: Bill Shelton of Left Field Creative.



6. Live Free or Die

I’m not from New Hampshire, but this saying on their license plates says it all as to why I started my own business. To simply get a paycheck or do a job I don’t enjoy for the rest of my life and not have the creative freedom to choose the kind of life I want to live and the kind of business I want to be involved with, is for me, unacceptable. The freedom of creative expression is what drives me and I think many other entrepreneurs to persevere and in doing so, finding true happiness.

Thanks to: Craig Wolfe of CelebriDucks.



7. Blame it on a Car

NYS gave me a driver’s license at age 38- no more buses or taxis. Two years later, a driver didn’t stop at a stop sign and I spent 6 months in terrible pain. Realizing it would take me more time to recuperate, I considered what I wanted to do with the next chapter of my life. I visited a career counselor, took some tests, looked for a job and shadowed business owners. One day, I opened the NY Times there it was — a story about Coach U and the perfect job for me — as a business coach.

Thanks to: Maria Marsala of Elevating Your Business.



8. Sharing a Message of Peace

I’ve been studying meditation and mind body techniques for more than 20 years. I decided to share it within a business infrastructure in 2009, so that there is more time to spend on teaching strategies for inner peace. I wrote a book and an audio course and now offer HR seminars. Business is all about getting things done, but some companies find that stopping to rejuvenate yourself makes you more productive. I’m motivated to share the message that peace and bottom line go hand in hand.

Thanks to: Tom Von Deck of Monkey Wisdom Employee Meditation.



9. I Thought I Should Give Back

It sounds a little corny to say it (and also to say “corny,”) but I’ve been given so many opportunities in my life, and I’ve learned so much from others. One of the best things I ever did in my life was hire a coach. I felt that coaching others was important. It also happened to be a real passion and something I love to do, so the convergence of those three things inspired me.

Thanks to: Angie Dixon of Discover U Life Strategy Coaching.



10. The Mirror of Desire

Desire is a powerful force that lives in the deepest part of you. Take time to know – really know – what you most desire and then get ready to find a way to offer that to the world. What you desire, others will too. And if you are passionate about that desire, then you have all the inspiration you need to make it into a thriving business. Your desire is a mirror showing you where you can create work that will make a difference in the lives of others. Look into the mirror and trust!

Thanks to: Cathleen O’Connor of The Balance Whisperer.



11. Be Ready to Learn

I am a retired physician and did not know what I was getting myself into when the idea of a novel came to me. I thought it would be very popular, sell a zillion copies and then, be made into a smash of a movie. I had the novel published and the well known truth was forced upon me that no matter how good of a product one might think one has, it will not sell if no one knows about it. I had to get into marketing, which I know little about, but I do happily dream of the movie being made.

Thanks to: Selwyn D. Goodwin of Selwyn D. Goodwin.



12. Job Loss – Guaranteed

I discovered that if you work with your husband and you ask him for a divorce, you will lose your job. I began my own business to be sure that this never again happens to me.

Thanks to: Nancy Weil of The Laugh Academy.


13. Dangerous Dreamer

I started my own business because I wanted to be a dangerous dreamer.

“Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible.” — T. E. Lawrence

Thanks to: Roy Jacobsen of Writing, Clear and Simple.



14. Raleigh

In 2007, right before I jumped ship from the corporate world, a series of stressful events at the company where I was working drove me to the brink of going postal. While that period in my life gave me a bad case of acid reflux, the ensuing burnout served as a catalyst. I finally saw that I didn’t have to let someone else dictate the terms of my life, and I turned in my resignation. It’s been a rocky road ever since I walked away from a steady paycheck, but I stand by my decision.

Thanks to: Dave Baldwin of Bottom Line SEO.



15. It’s My Money & I Want It!

In terms of what to do, how to do, when & why to be doing whatever it was that I would choose to do to grow my business, create my working/playing time, I would and could only be limited by the limits of my very own imagination. If I chose to allow it, I would never be limited by conventional rules or thoughts of the way a business “should be run”. My life, business/family/inner life would be played out as per MY choosing – there would be therefore, no choice but to be self-employed.

Thanks to: Harris Glasser of Serving The People Press .



16. Like Tupperware for Shoes

I remember the moment when I was working with a woman. I turned to her, complimented her shoes, and she said “My brother made them.” I almost stopped breathing! In that moment, though I did not know it yet, Footprints was born. My mind was whirling with possibilities from that simple moment and the idea of giving shoe parties was created. This has taken me on an incredible journey where sometimes I felt God was holding my hand and others, like I was falling off a cliff- typical for an entrepreneur!

Thanks to: Margaux Jordan of Footprints International.



17. Selfishness a Prime Motivator

After 20 years of corporate life I submitted to my selfishness, rather than toe the corporate line. All businesses are rightly selfish; fighting for their shareholders is OK!
This cornerstone of modern business eventually lead me to question why I was doing so much for them and less and less for myself and my family.
The “selfishness realization” contextualized the “value equation” managers deploy when making buying choices, helping me sell to managers- I went looking for stuff to sell.

Thanks to: Sam Hunter of First Contact.



18. Born to Publicize What I Love

Born this way. When I was a little girl, I loved a film that totally transformed my life. That film was one of the most complex and deeply symbolic films ever made. It spoke to me. The story was life, death and the universal truths that make us all human. It had classic archetypes such as ‘man against machine”… what was that turning point?

Stanley Kubric’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” I told anyone and everyone how much l loved that film. As a publicist today, I do this for my clients.

Thanks to: Roz Wolf of Roz Wolf PR.



19. Los Angeles

As a vet Hollywood correspondent, I’ve interviewed over 14,000 celebrities/newsmakers. To my surprise, many were woefully unprepared to meet the media and that frustrated me. I decided I would write THE quintessential “insider’s guide to giving a killer interview” so it wouldn’t be like pulling teeth to get my story. I wrote “Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media without Getting Clobbered!” which launched my media coaching and speaking business called… “Interview Tactics!”

Thanks to: Gayl Murphy of Pro.


20. Put Passion Before Prudence

After quitting my job over 9 months ago, I realized I had a chance to step up and start my own company, where my passion would be the driving factor!

No longer was I flogging products and services that were making someone else rich…I could put all of my efforts into promoting my products and services…and I haven’t looked back once!

By putting my passion before my prudence (prudence wanted me to find another job), I’m now pursuing my dreams…not someone else’s dreams…

Thanks to: Curtis Chappell of Quantum SEO Solutions.



21. What Can I Achieve Today?

My motivations were straight forward. I had a successful career spanning ten years across three blue chip organizations. I enjoyed my job, but wanted to see what I could achieve on my own.

It certainly hasn’t been all plain sailing, but the freedom and sense of achievement that comes from setting up your own business is worth the occasional headache.

Thanks to: Sarah Moore of Vappingo.



22. 5% Survival Chance

My main inspiration for starting my own business (inspirational speaking) is because I have a globally unique story that should motivate people (or as I term them, “Currently Unaffected People” – because nobody can predict what’s going to happen to themselves or a loved one in the future).

(I had a severe motorcycle accident when I was 17 – in 1986 – that left me in a coma for 7-months).

Thanks to: Derick Poremba-Brumer of


23. The Basis of Happy Marriage

Realizing the public lack of knowledge and understanding of sex, and knowing that the ignorance and the unawareness of the lack of sex knowledge is the main cause of unintended pregnancy, abortion, divorce and lack of sexual satisfaction in marriage, I decided to write and become an author of sex knowledge books. It’s an altruistic attempt to help humanity.

Thanks to: Rod Quentin of Quentin Publications Ltd.



24. Moving at the Speed of Light!

Entrepreneurship is knowing how to pace others in the race to success. As a high energy person, I tend to be out-moving, out-thinking, and out-strategizing others in the workplace. This ability works to my advantage only when running my own business. As a leader, I need to visualize the road ahead and lay the groundwork for others to follow. I know someone in every business needs to be out front and I have always been that person…moving at the speed of light!

Thanks to: Vicki Donlan of VickiDonlan.



25. Life is Short!

My position was eliminated at the accounting firm where I served as mktg director when I was 5 months pregnant with twins. Since I couldn’t look for a job in that condition, I decided to pursue my dream of starting my own business. Sadly, 3 and 4 weeks later, I went into early labor, and we lost both sons. I nearly died too. So, when I say life is short, I know it firsthand. I recovered as much as I could, stuck to my guns and started my firm. It was hard, but the best decision I’ve made. Do it!

Thanks to: Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk of BBR Marketing.



26. Misery!

We were trapped in pinstriped prison. We had secretaries and window offices, but we were miserable. We hated the stress, the unappreciative senior partners, and the whole billable-hours system.

We packed our bags, invested $30 in cookie dough, and set off do our own thing. The students ate the cookies, and with full mouths, they listened to us teach law in our signature fun style.

Best friends and former study partners were now business partners. And we’ve never looked back.

Thanks to: Elura Nanos of Lawyer Up.



27. Learning What Not to Do

Starting my own business came from working for others for a while & learning so much about how I didn’t want to do things that I decided it was time to branch out and make a real difference on my own. Now, don’t get me wrong, I learned things in every situation I was in, but my strong opinions & passion were never really fully understood in the work place. I always knew the most important thing was to make a real difference in a life & now I do that every day! It’s the best decision I ever made.

Thanks to: Diane Conklin of Complete Marketing Systems.



28. Student Influence

When I was teaching at a college level, my students kept asking me why I was teaching when I had so much knowledge that could help the government, insurance carriers, and many businesses. My students gave me the push that I needed to get out there and start my own business. I had one contract before I left teaching. I had a leap of faith that I could make this work.

Thanks to: Carol Coots of Medical Consulting From A to Z, LLC.



29. My Time

I wanted to have time to volunteer and do the things I wanted to do. Although running a business is a full time entity, you can set your own hours, work late into the night or early in the morning. Being an employee, your time is someone else’s time; when you work for yourself, your time is your time.

Thanks to: Eula M. Young, COO of Griot’s Roll Film Production .



30. The 3 F’s

Four years ago, I lost my job. After hitting the pavement for several months with no success, I realized my partner and I were the 3 F’s: Fat, Fifty, and Female. There didn’t seem to be much room for us out there in the new instant world of H.R. that is run by key words, where no application is ever acknowledged. We decided to apprentice ourselves to our own selves…to learn a skill, not get a job. Slowly, we are becoming independent of the system and proud of it…able to support ourselves.

Thanks to: Diane Hawn of Get Promoted LLC.



31. What Else Could I Do?

The ugly truth is that I started my first business because no one would give me the job I wanted. At 22, I wasn’t smart enough to know that I couldn’t have the top job in a small company, so I just created one. It worked and I was able to build a successful first venture. Unicome Corp. of Virginia was the 1st medical records data processing service bureau in America. I went on to build other companies. Some worked some didn’t. I’m thankful for my dumb luck. I tell my entrepreneur students “just do it”.

Thanks to: Gerry Patnode of York College of Pennsylvania.



32. If I Didn’t Do it, I’d Die

In 1988, I was in a secure but uninteresting position in a very large company. One day, I was shaving and I thought to myself, “If I’m still working here when I’m 50, I might end up killing myself.”

It was then that I realized that my fear of a boring and unsatisfying career inside a large company was stronger than my fear of failing as an entrepreneur.

Within two months, I left my job and started my company. I haven’t looked back.

What’s holding you back from becoming an entrepreneur?

Thanks to: Bud Bilanich of The Common Sense Guy.



33. Those Days are Over

I was most inspired to start my own firm when I figured out that the economy and world of work my grandfather and father operated in no longer exists. The Great Recession was a wake-up call…and an enticing challenge. You have to make your own luck. I’ve never looked back.

Thanks to: Alex Greenwood of AlexanderG Public Relations, LLC.



34. Expanded Boundaries

I have always been able to work well within boundaries set by someone else. I was even adept at infusing any position or project with my own methods and creativity. But eventually, it wasn’t enough. I wanted to be able to do new, unrelated, unusual, challenging things and the boundaries set by other people/companies did not allow it. I wanted the ability to set and expand my own boundaries. Owning a business allows me to do that; there are still boundaries, but they are my boundaries.

Thanks to: Janet Christy of Leverage & Development, LLC.



35. Business for Yourself

I knew that I was unemployable, so I also knew that I had to be in business for myself and I didn’t like taking orders from anyone else. And so, even though I had always created my own jobs from 13 on, I was officially in business at 21 and have been in one ever since.

Thanks to: Gayle Carson of Carson Research Center.



36. We Need Each Other!

NEED inspired my wife and I to start our business. We recognized the NEED for youth to be understood – and we recognized that we understood them. Thus came the mission – to help others understand the youth by listening to their stories – relating to them – and then influencing them.

Thanks to: Troy Campbell of TROYBOY INTERNATIONAL.



37. Archangel Michael Inspired Me

Archangel Michael appeared to me and asked me to write his new book, Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures From Archangel Michael to Change Your Life and help him reach the masses to improve their issues with money, relationships, career, business, health and well-being through spiritual healing with his help and the gifts provided of clearing karma and past life issues negatively effecting their lives today. I changed my whole focus to accommodate this calling, which I have found very rewarding.

Thanks to: Joy Pedersen of Express Success.

38. Be Your Own Boss

I went into business for myself for the oldest reason in the world: I wanted to be my own boss.

Thanks to: Miriam Silverberg.



39. Touching the Lives of Others

I know that this may sound “cliché” or maybe the “anticipated” thing to say, but what inspired me to start my business is the opportunity and privilege to impact, influence and touch the lives of other people. It is a true blessing to be able to fulfill my purpose as an Entrepreneur and to help people in this same process. There are many gifts in life that one can give to other people, but in my humble opinion, there is no greater gift on earth than to be able to uphold a life. This inspired me.

Thanks to: Kevin Benton of Kevin Benton Ministries.



40. Freedom-ophilia

My inspiration was freedom. Free from the 9 to 5 routine. Free from cantankerous bosses. Free from income-limitations. With indications that my sideline business could become mainline, I decided to resign from a “nice” job and seek the headiness that comes from solopreneurship.

I’ve never regretted my decision.

Thanks to: Marlene Caroselli of Center for Professional Development.



41. Teaching, Learning, Loving

We started to build the Pocket I.T. app as a great product for the masses who need help with technical problems. This changed as my young children watched me begin the planning. I got them involved to show them how to bring an idea to fruition and learn what is involved in the creation of a business. I’m happy to see my daughters thinking in the entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age. I say start a business with the intent of giving something back.

Thanks to: Eric Tampellini of Arizona App Design Llc.



42. Business Owned

There’s something about seeing your name on the wall that beats seeing it on a business card. Unless, of course, it’s the wall of the post office.

Thanks to: Stan DeVaughn of Write Angle Inc.



43. We Finally Figured it Out!

For years, both my wife and I were comfortable in the corporate world. We always wanted to be in business either together or for ourselves. For the last 6 years, my wife took the plunge; for me it has been about two years. What made us do it? Overcoming fear was our biggest hurdle. When we thought about our lives, there was something missing in our lives attributable to our work life. Being in business has been financially and emotionally rewarding, as well as stimulating.

Thanks to: Alan Ginsberg of The Entrepreneur’s Source.



44. Help Women Get a Better Night

Night sweats can rob a person of a good night sleep. I found myself sleep deprived, cranky, sweaty, and miserable because of night sweats. If this was happening to me, I knew millions of other women were experiencing the same thing. I started making comfortable sleepwear from wicking fabrics and when I showed my prototype nightgown to my breast cancer support group, they went wild with enthusiasm and I knew a business of beautiful wicking sleepwear could help!

Thanks to: Haralee Weintraub of Haralee.Com Sleepwear.



45. Work Smarter Not Harder

I show people how to get into their own business, but not be alone growing it.,, are just 3 of many web sites that will put you into your own business, give you all the training you need and pay you better than you have ever been paid, while you have a good time doing it. My inspiration is partnering with those people, making more money, enjoying life more and sharing the love.

Thanks to: Lily Steiner of American Business Gateway.



46. Passion Built the Product

The business was a means to participate in music full-time.

Oddly enough, I thought that my main advantage would be my Business Management background, but it turns out that my Martial Arts studies have had more impact (pardon the pun).

This has led me to an exciting expansion – a seminar entitled “Martial Arts In The Workplace”, which focuses on turning entry-level employees into a major asset for businesses.

It wasn’t miners who made money in the Gold Rush, it was the shovel salesman.

Thanks to: Tony Barker of



47. Not Renewing Your Contract

It’s about 10 days before Christmas and imagine that you and your family are going to see a Broadway show called the Miracle of Christmas. As you’re driving to the theater, as any good VP of Sales would do, you check your blackberry for emails. You see an email from your boss, so you open it. What a Christmas present for you, we have decided to not renew your contract as a Vice President and we will pay you for 30 days. Merry Christmas!
So, jump in and swim. A new practice was born!

Thanks to: Todd Stofka of Philly Hypnosis Performance.



48. I am the Man!

I’ve always been the entrepreneurial type. I started selling homemade trinkets to my fellow 5th graders. But with two college degrees in engineering, you’re supposed to work for other people. That is, until the day that you realize that you are not a good employee. When you do your best to objectively analyze the situation and still believe that YOU have the best ideas and that YOU can do it all better than they are… you have to take the plunge, and I did. That was almost 24 years ago.

Thanks to: Steve Watson of Watson’s Streetworks.



49. “The Business Bug”

The main inspiration for starting my own business is my entrepreneurial spirit. There are also successful people whom I admired in my lifetime. A history of entrepreneurs in my family has been a major influence and I have a strong desire to succeed for a purpose much bigger than myself.

Thanks to: Faithe Rogers.



50. No More Team Projects

As a go-getter, there was nothing I loathed more than “team projects”, which meant that if I was saddled with a lame-butt, I had to do my work and theirs to get the project out on time. If the project then succeeded to break expectations, I had to share the bonus with the slacker. Burned twice. What is the purpose of team projects? My guess? A lazy manager doesn’t want to deal with deadwood. For the ‘self-motivated’, starting your own business is liberating. I’ll eat my mistakes, but not yours!

Thanks to: Sally Franz of Geronto Communications.



51. The Need for Real Evaluations

I started my own business because I was so fed up with subjective evaluations from managers who didn’t know me and often weren’t familiar with the job I was doing. I felt like the only people who should review me are paying clients who will show their opinion either by rehiring me or referring me (both happen). If they don’t, that says something too, and it’s important for me to find out why. But my clients know what they’re talking about; some of my previous bosses – not so much!

Thanks to: Philippa Gamse of Total ‘Net Value, Inc.



52. Monetize Your Success

We started our business because we had so many people asking us how we had our success in selling TV shows. Once we figured out how to monetize helping those people, we had our business.

People all over the world have great ideas for TV shows but don’t know what to do with their ideas. There are more opportunities now than ever before to pitch and sell a TV show. We offer our clients everything we wished we had when we started pitching our ideas.

Thanks to: Mark Simon of



53. Mix, Mingle & Maybe Meet

My inspiration to starting my business was my children. I am a divorced mother of two and knowing that my ex will not provide for their educational future inspired me to take my dreams and turn them into a reality. Every day, when I look at them and know that college, although not right around the corner, still needs to be addressed, it makes me work that much harder for success. It is ironic that what I have learned from my divorce will pay for their education.

Thanks to: Lee Block of Post-Divorce Dating Club.



54. Turning Tragedy into Triumph

After a divorce, bankruptcy and foreclosure back in 1989, I went on an amazing journey of self discovery which helped me put my life back together. As I rebuilt my life, I learned that I had some hidden talents which included public speaking and writing. I combined these two gifts to help me launch my publishing company called Creation Publishing Group.

My commitment is to empower men to reach their full potential and that is the driving force that inspires me to be a successful entrepreneur.

Thanks to: Michael Taylor of Creation Publishing Group.



55. Customized Stories

My son was born with medical complications in his right eye. The eye was removed 10 days following his first birthday. I wrote two stories for him, to help with his acceptance of the prosthetic eye and glasses. I used personal photos and laminated pages so the books would not be torn up. We read the stories at home and in school so that his classmates would accept and understand his unique situation. Eight years later, I founded a business making books for children with varying needs!

Thanks to: Shara Lawrence-Weiss of Personal Child Stories.



56. I’m Not JUST a Business Woman!

In 2006, I was struggling to manage my roles as wife, mom, student, ministry leader and entrepreneur. I started looking for help and found that the source was always one-sided. The business leaders or coaches focused only on business. The spiritual leaders focused only on spirituality. Where could the balance be found? Life is both spiritual and physical. Who had answers? After searching, I finally developed my Balance Approach System which takes a 360 view of the struggles women face.

Thanks to: Janis Modeste of Inspire! Us Book Chat.



57. Jazz and Leadership?

A quote from saxophonist Branford Marsalis, one of my musical heroes, partly inspired me to start my own business. Marsalis said, “Humans are imperfect. That’s one of the reasons that classical and jazz music are in trouble. We’re on the quest for the perfect performance and every note has to be right. Every note is not right in life.” While I can’t make every note in life right, as an external consultant, I can help leaders work more harmoniously without compromising my unique vision.

Thanks to: Michael Brenner of IdeAgency.



58. Giving Them What They Want

To be honest, what inspired me to start my business was the growing realization that there was a need and a demand for my services. When, after reading my first book, people started asking me to speak and offering me excellent money to do it, that became a very strong inspiration for starting a speaking and training business.

Thanks to: Barry Maher of Barry Maher & Associates.



59. My Dating Site for Great Love

After I flew 10,000 miles to meet a man who’d contacted me online, I realized he’d posted an old photo on a top dating site- an honesty issue. I improved the online dating experience in my Dating Site for Resilient Optimists who Believe in Great Love. We meet in live video chats before we get on a plane or go to a local coffee shop to meet face-to-face–so, no more blind dates. I guide your Love Quest, so you recruit your perfect match + get the red-hot relationship you deserve in

Thanks to: Hadley Finch of



60. Single Determination

I got divorced 22 years ago. I had a one year old daughter and an uninvolved former spouse. One day, my daughter was ill and I took off work to take her to the doctor. It was nothing major, but when I returned the next day, my boss told me that he “understood family obligations, but he needed me at work.” I knew then that I could never allow someone else to determine when I could and could not be there for my daughter. I was all she had. I left 6 months later and started my own company.

Thanks to: Dana London of Transition Teams.



61. Because No One Taught Me

I teach kids and teens about money because no one taught me. I grew up on a farm and learned how to do practically everything…except what to do with my money. At 35ish, I realized the only reason I didn’t know what to do with money was that no one taught me what to do with it. So, I taught myself and then decided to create the best financial education program available on the planet…and I did!

Thanks to: Elisabeth Donati of Creative Wealth International, LLC.



62. Self-Sabotage = No Promotion!

I am inspired to help women understand the gender differences that lead to conflict, miscommunication, and misperception in the workplace that inevitably hinder and even cripple women’s ability to advance to positions of influence and power in their field. Spending an entire career watching women unconsciously sabotage themselves when I know that there is an easier, less stressful, increasingly productive way to thrive and succeed impels me to help women change the way business is conducted.

Thanks to: Laura L. Brown of LotusLifeWork.



63. Inspiration – 9/11

I rode out 9/11 on the alabaster-white beaches of Playa del Carman. Not being able to fly home for an extended period, I contemplated the U.S. economic environment and industry viability in the face of company closures and massive layoffs. In identifying the colossal service gaps in the public relations industry, I founded BlabberMouth PR three weeks later. BlabberMouth PR, which became Penman PR, is now celebrated for providing 100% senior-level representation to a range of industries.

Thanks to: Patti Hill of Penman PR.



64. Send Out Cards!

Although my day job is being a Psychiatrist, I have a great side business, SendOutCards. When my daughter was in college, I sent her a greeting card every single day, so I am all over cards. This tool allows me to create cards at my computer, with photos if I want, and send them with one click. SendOutCards prints them, puts them in an envelope, stamps them and takes them to the post office for me. I can include a gift card or even brownies or caramels, which I do when thanking a referral source.

Thanks to: Susan Delphine Delaney MD, MS of SendOutCards Distributor.



65. It’s All About Being Empowered

As a former teacher, I’ve always been about sharing knowledge and helping others to see their potential. When I later moved on to become a therapist and then a coach, I continued along that path of helping women discovering their own potential & power. After starting my own women’s community, I saw how effective it can be to create a space for women to learn, share and be inspired by other women. I do what I do, so I can help others to be empowered to do what it is they were always meant to do.

Thanks to: Katy Tafoya of Success for Solopreneurs.



66. Doing the Greater Good

The main inspiration for starting my own business was I found it easier to make change happen when I was the outside expert compared to the employee. I started my business after experiencing one too many corporate upheavals. Doing my own thing was something I had entertained for a while. Having seen the power of being the expert, I felt I could do better, not to mention that I am paid better for doing the work! Most important is that I am helping others make profound change to their business.

Thanks to: Dan Paulson of InVision Business Development.



67. From Mess to Organized Success

For years, I was disorganized. Then, I got my act together & cured my cluttered ways. On occasion, I would help my friends make their homes look beautiful and organized. 15 years ago, my neighbor was selling her home AKA train wreck, so I staged it & de-cluttered it for her. The real estate agent was so thrilled with what I did, she wanted to hire me. My inspiration to start my business was based on the fact that she would not let me “NOT” start a business. I had a client before I had a business.

Thanks to: Dana Korey of Away With Clutter.



68. US Income for Overseas Life

A former executive, I’ve lived around the world from Russia to Australia, Alaska to Chile. After crunching numbers, I concluded that owning several small businesses, ones that could provide $50,000 each to me in net earnings, was the answer to my retirement plans to live overseas: US income for overseas life. So, I started three.

In three years, I will relocate to my vineyard where I will review financial reports via the internet, sip wine, and watch the cash flow into my bank account!

Thanks to: Debi Einmo of White Glove Services LLC.



69. Comeback Kid(ney)

My name is Charlie Wachtel and I have end stage kidney failure. My illness spurred me to take a pre-illness taxi business and streamline it into an errand/concierge business for the disabled. Now that I am also disabled, I find this work to be very rewarding and enriching. When you have a lemon, you make lemonade.

Thanks to: Charlie Wachtel.



70. How to Prevent Sellers Remorse

We prevent Seller’s Remorse. Business Intermediaries have complained that owners who consider selling often bail out at the last minute, for no apparent reason. Our mission is to fix that. Our proven methodology solves the emotional questions of transition in a matter of weeks. Owners follow logical, step-by-step programs (surveys plus one-to-one consulting) learning to “Think”, “Live” and Decide” how, why, where and when to transition from a “business” to a dynamic, purposeful life.

Thanks to: Paul Cronin of Successful Transition Planning Inst.



71. Learning for Fun and PROFIT!

I retired at 55 from a high-stress job. Rather than sit home & let my brain rot, I enrolled in graduate studies in GIS. It was quickly apparent there is a wealth of data available FREE or nearly so, and many organizations that could benefit from that data are least able to exploit it. My LLC provides basic mapping & analysis to small communities and non-profits at reasonable cost. As my studies have progressed to a Ph.D. program, I’m content to keep my client list small & my stress level low.

Thanks to: Jim Newman of CF Geographics LLC.



72. Out of the Box

Having had many jobs, one thing was always clear – I needed free reign of my creativity & inspiration. I found when working for others, they were not too interested in out-of-the-box thinking. Occasionally, an idea might make it through, but they would take credit for it. I realized that I wanted develop my own ideas. I started by jumping in and figuring it out as I went along. It has been slow going, but definitely rewarding!

Thanks to: Barbara Roehler of BR Innovations LLC.



73. Entrepreneur = Control

Being an entrepreneur was a choice to be in control of my life: control of how decisions were made, control of my hours, my work/life balance, control of the direction of my company, and ultimately, control over my income and personal wealth. I believe that as a business owner, you can be in control of these things if you develop your business intentionally in line with your values, your vision, mission and operations. Many business owners I see have been totally consumed by their own business.

Thanks to: Donna Price of Compass Rose Consulting, LLC.



74. Like Father Like Son

My father bought a failing business prior to my birth. He built that business to be highly successful and made a great living at it. I admired him for pressing on against all odds. Though I am a writer and not in the sign business, being a writer is basically like being in business for yourself and you have less chance of succeeding at it. The fact is, giving up is automatic failure.

Thanks to: Mike Saxton of Science Fiction Author.



75. Promoting Sustainable Living

I started the Culture Artist Organization because I believe that if humankind is to have a future, we must live sustainably. The Culture Artist Organization is an educational organization dedicated to promoting sustainability. We do this through educational programs and advocacy.

The chief mission and vision of the Culture Artist Organization is to create Culture Artists.
A Culture Artist is a person who is working to reshape the culture towards a paradigm shift to a more sustainable life.

Thanks to: Charlton Hall of Culture Artist Organization.



76. Meet Ms. Fix It

After the purchase of our first home, my husband and I quickly realized how difficult it was to find reliable home improvement contractors. It occurred to me that if we were having difficulty, then other new homeowners must face the same challenge and I launched Home Remedies®, a Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) that pre-screens and refers home improvement professionals. Contractors in my network pay a commission for work secured; that means that the service is free to homeowners.

Thanks to: Debra Cohen of Home Remedies of NY, Inc.



77. Thank you, Mom

My Mother was a woman who always gave love and support to family and friends. When she passed away, I experienced “sitting Shiva” for the first time. Overwhelmed and exhausted, I conceived the idea for – a website featuring a “Shiva Registry” system, much more than an online obituary, with answers to who, what, where, when and how many, a calendar to post food being sent, local delis for ordering Shiva food, direct links for memorial donations and an emailed Yahrzeit Reminder.

Thanks to: Sharon Rosen of



78. No Such Thing as a Magic Pill

I was inspired to launch the due to the lack of empowering solutions on the market to stop smoking. Dangerous chemical-based stop smoking aids on the market and society’s acceptance that addiction is a disease are concepts and methods that need to be challenged at a time when North America’s collective health is at an all-time critical level from ‘bad habits’ that range from junk food binging to pill popping.

Thanks to: Sindy Mils of The Smoker’s Diet.



79. All Generations Need Computers

Do you know of anyone in our society that is not affected by computers? My passion is to provide computer instruction to children (ages 3) and adults of all ages, including senior citizens and special needs students. We have fun programs for public/private schools which provide the STEM elements. Our seniors learn to become part of our fast moving world and are able to connect to their families from around the world. Our special needs children become part of society using various programs.

Thanks to: Debra Moorer of Computer Explorers.



80. Change Your Personality!

I started my business after my former boss at the New York State Assembly told me that if I wanted to get a promotion and move up, I would have to change my personality. I’d trained all my supervisors and had been passed up for several promotions. I went back to my desk after meeting with her, said a prayer to God to direct me to what I’m supposed to be doing and the answer I got was to create a book publishing company.

Thanks to: Lishone Bowsky of ZLS Publishing.



81. A True Confession

OK, I have a confession to make. I am having a mad, passionate love affair – with my business! I started my business initially to gain freedom and flexibility. I wanted to have my work fit around my life. After having a job where I was on call seven days a week, I wanted to have some sort of “balance.” As it turned out, I need to schedule time away from my business because, like any new relationship, I want to spend all of my time with my beloved.

Thanks to: Catherine Morgan of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc.



82. Clown and Wedding Officiant

I am a clown and wedding officiant. My business combines them- Jester of the Peace, ceremonies for costume and adventure weddings. I first was asked by two sets of friends in 2005 to officiate their weddings. I joyfully realized that I was using all my backgrounds to serve their love: journalism, creative writing, acting, directing, and event planning. When I moved to New York City in 2009, I registered as an officiant and realized I had one more gift to add: clowning, in the form of costumery and fun.

Thanks to: Barbara Ann Michaels of Jester of the Peace.



83. Flexibility for My Family

I started my training and coaching business 10 years ago so that I could have more flexibility for my family. The arrival of my first child put me into a new challenge; starting my own business. This included obtaining my own clients, and doing everything from overseeing the budget to writing proposals to doing the on-site client work. This new experience was worth all of the effort for the flexibility I wanted.

Thanks to: Cathi Brese Doebler of



84. Don’t Give Up Control

I am tired of seeing people get ripped off! People have come to me after their websites were shut down and didn’t know what to do. Some webmasters are as dishonest and lacking integrity as some car mechanics. When people don’t understand something and have to rely on so-called professionals to do the work, they can get royally screwed. You wouldn’t give the only key for your office to the janitor, so don’t give your webmaster ultimate control over your website.

Thanks to: David Rosenhaus of Dichotomy Design.



85. From the Wounded Healer

PAIN! Plain and simple! Being in a lot of physical, emotional and spiritual pain most of my life propelled me to figure out how to use all of this pain to journey with others who are dealing with pain. As a grief coach and life transitions expert, I have companioned many people in their pain journeys, helping them to deal and to heal. It is said that the best way to help yourself heal is to help heal another. That is the mission of Spirit Women Institute.

Thanks to: Carolyn Townes of Spirit Women Institute.



86. Work Gave Me a Trophy Husband

I am the founder of, a spiritual dating site which helps individuals find their spiritual soul-mate and live a life of harmony. Coming from an abusive marriage myself and not wanting others to make the same mistake, I decided to help them increase their magnetism to pull someone with a similar vibration. This way, they can find their soul-mate and lead a fun life. I did this to magnetize my second husband who is a ‘trophy husband’ (someone who does the dishes with a smile!)

Thanks to: Naini Nakagawa of MATCHMYSPIRIT.



87. Doing What I Love All Day Long

I decided to start my own business when I realized that my favorite thing about my day job had nothing to do with my day job. I loved helping my coworkers organize their spaces and streamlining office systems. I realized I could make more of an impact and be more productive as a Professional Organizer.

Thanks to: Sara Long of Sara Long Organizing.



88. Gray Matter… Not Hair!

I got tired of interviewing with 30 somethings who assumed that gray hair meant you had NO gray matter!! No one wanted to hire their dad (or mom!) I was working in the tech departments in the insurance and health sectors for a consulting company. When a project ended, they tried to get me another… but the older I got the harder it got. I found that financial product sales didn’t care if you had gray hair… or no hair! So, I started my own insurance agency and didn’t look back.

Thanks to: Alan Canton of A.N. Canton Insurance Services.



89. Rejection as Wallpaper

Despite my credentials as a writer, I was in the process of “wallpapering my bathroom” with literary rejections. I could not let their limited imagination stop me from sharing The Magic Strand with young readers, so I created a whiz bang web-site and illustrated the novel to match. Now, I sell e-books to kids at Never say “die.” I believe in my work too much to let anyone else decide my fate. Sometimes, you just have to find your own way to the mountain-top.

Thanks to: Diana Wilcox Layman of Waterview Associates.



90. Whoops!

What inspired PortaPocket?

I accidentally dropped a spare tampon on the floor at the gym & got mad. How’s that for creative & unusual? True!

And it’s for way more than feminine hygiene…that’s just how it started. If you notice all the IDs, phones, keys, + all over the floor at the gym & elsewhere…there really IS a need. And women’s clothing (especially) has so few functional pockets…
If we wait until clothing designers craft for function as much as they do fashion, we’ll be waiting a LONG time!

Thanks to: Kendra Kroll of Undercover Solutions, LLC.



91. No Atrocious Boss?

My kids call him “atrocious.” His error financed my business. I was a hard worker, but had 2 young children. They got very sick and I called off, using sick leave I had built up to be with them for 3 days. When I returned, my boss told me I could no longer use my leave to care for my kids. Really? Apparently, he didn’t know about FMLA. HR panicked and stepped in, offering me money to go away quietly. I financed my happily ever after and laugh about Mr. Atrocious who ended my corporate servitude.

Thanks to: Shadra Bruce of Shadra L. Bruce, Writer and Editor.



92. Doing it Right the First Time

I made so many costly errors starting four businesses over the last 12 years, my inspiration was to learn from my own mistakes and build a system that would help people “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME” as they started their businesses.

The system combines logical process, sound systems and step-by-step coaching guidance, gained via trial and a lot of error, to simplify a complicated process.

My goal is to help other people learn from my mistakes to save considerable time and money!

Thanks to: Skip Dalrymple of BIZ Start & Grow.



93. My Very Silent Partner

My late mother, Hilda Glasgow, had been a top fashion illustrator in the 50′s and early 60′s. Her drawings were hidden away in a white cabinet in her NY apartment for 60 years. I decided that it was time for the world to see them, so I created an online store called The White Cabinet. There, I sell custom reproductions of her drawings as prints and notecards. Flavor Paper is now introducing them as wallpaper. This was all started as a labor of love and is fast becoming a successful business.

Thanks to: Liz Glasgow of The White Cabinet.



94. Why I Went into Business

My main inspiration for starting my business,, an online children’s bookstore, was my love for books. I became a mom and saw that my son shared my passion for books; we spent time sourcing books for him and felt I could be a curator of some sort for children’s books and be a resource for folks looking to get wholesome books for the kids in their lives.

Thanks to: Bola Ajumobi of Slimy Bookworm.



95. It’s Not About the Stuff

I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and take an unusual approach to professional organizing. Instead of it being about Type A and perfection, I want to challenge people to go deeper and discover what is the clutter/disorganization really about? How can I help clients change their lives? To help clients declutter & get organized, I find that getting to the root of the problem can help facilitate change. Then, Healing through Organization truly can occur.

Thanks to: Julie Seibert of Healing through Organization.



96. Dying One Brain Cell at a Time

I was suddenly “let go” from a nursing position that I loved. Not wanting to return to floor nursing, & with no other opportunities open in dementia care in my area, I knew I had been spending more time with the families of the people with dementia than with the residents. These families watch their loved one die one brain cell at a time, with no idea how to interact with them, or how to deal with their own guilt & sadness. That is what inspired me to start a business as a dementia consultant.

Thanks to: Cindy Keith, RN, BS, CDP of M.I.N.D. in Memory Care.



97. Landfill Inspires Company

I went to a place in the Philippines called ‘Smokey Mountain,’ a shantytown on a garbage dump. There were huge columns of rubber tires stacked up in a corner. I watched a child step on glass and cut his foot. I drove to a local store, where I bought shoes and returned back to the landfill. On the way back, I saw people wearing rubber tire shoes. The opportunity to clean up the world, shoe shoeless children, and connect two stakeholders in the same community was one I could not resist.

Thanks to: Alastair Ong of GreenSoul Shoes.



98. Lost Homework, Found Calling

After losing his homework yet again, a student asked for my help in getting organized. We worked together after school on a simple system for organizing his papers. The next week, I asked a question that referenced a previous homework assignment and that student’s hand shot in the air as he gleefully shouted “I have it!” The confidence he gained from knowing what he had and where to find it was evident. In that spirit, I started Organized Simplicity, helping students and families get organized.

Thanks to: Caroline Clark of Organized Simplicity.



99. Treasures from Broken Glass

My main inspiration for starting my business was the day I was digging for antique bottles for my collection and saw a baby fawn laying among the jagged remains of an antique bottle. I set out on a new mission with this antique glass, now reclaiming the broken remains and my unique line of recycled glass jewelry, Bottled Up Designs was born! Handmade in the Pennsylvania Amish Country from reclaimed antique glass in an effort to help the environment and wildlife!

Thanks to: Laura Bergman of Bottled Up Designs.



100. Expect Success!

A diagnosis of cancer can be a strong motivator to change – or it can cripple you emotionally and/or physically. I, along with two close friends, had been diagnosed with cancer many years ago, but when one of us was told the cancer had returned and she only had 2 years to live, the last thing we thought she would want to do was start a publishing company and self-publish our life stories. But life is full of surprises – she lived five years and our company is still thriving.

Thanks to: Glenda Standeven of Choosing to Smile Publications.



101. Founder

It was 1997 and I forgot how to sleep. I was officially an insomniac. And I had gotten fat. Ugh!

It was time to lose the weight. As I did, nutrition bars became a part of my diet. But, I still wasn’t sleeping and now, I was eating energy bars in the middle of the night. I had an idea…a nutrition bar for better sleep, formulated to work with your body’s natural sleeping metabolism.

Now, if I’m not sleeping at night, it’s the business keeping me awake and not an energy bar!

Thanks to: Sean Folkson of NightFood, Inc.



102. Bitten By the Business Bug

I had my first business at the age of 25. During that time, I was bitten by the “self-employed entrepreneurship bug”. I found out that I am a born entrepreneur. I love to work for myself because under employers, one is caught in a box where you cannot be creative in following your gut instincts — you have to do what the boss says even when you have a better idea. With your own business, you do what’s right, as you learn and improve every day through continuous working, training and learning.

Thanks to: Diane M. Hoffmann of Hoffmann-Rondeau Communications.



103. Misfortune Births a Business

In May of 2008, my husband lost his job with DHL. In November of that same year, I lost my job. I was six weeks pregnant with our second child. I felt like there was no hope. Well, I heard something screaming at me after the tears dried up. It kept saying YOU HAVE A SOLUTION! Not only did a baby and book come to life out the misfortunes, but a brand, movement and consulting business was created. Corporate Chics is a mindset that is unstoppable, courageous, and inspirational.

Thanks to: Tawana Necole of Corporate Chics, LLC.



104. First Periods are My Business

When my period started, I thought I was dying. I told my mom and she handed me a pad with minimal explanation. I didn’t want this same experience for my daughter. We discussed periods and I gave her a small bag of supplies in case she was away from home when her period started. She put it in her gym bag so she would be prepared. When her first period started, she told me right away and was comfortable with the experience. That small bag of supplies turned into The Dot Girl First Period Kit.

Thanks to: Kathy Pickus of Dot Girl Products.



105. Military or Business Ownership

I was a Captain in the US Air Force when I read a book that made me fall out of love with being an employee and in love with owning a business. Just before I turned 30, I read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and I realized that true freedom for me was in being a business owner. I decided I needed to start a business that was consistent with my skill set and passions. I have created a business doing what I love for the people that I have a heart for!

Thanks to: Angela Cody-Rouget of Major Mom.



106. My Daughter Lizzie

The idea for the flip flops just sorta happened one day when my youngest daughter, Lizzie, often referred to as Lizzie Lou and I were out shopping. Lizzie showed me a pair of $200 crystal flip flops and asked me if they came in kids sizes. Right there it dawned on me. “Why isn’t there a line of gorgeous flip flops for mother and daughter that don’t cost a fortune? I mentioned the idea to several friends and they all loved the idea!

Thanks to: Sheena Edwards of Lizzie Lou Shoes.



107. Passion for Helping Businesses

That’s easy – my passion for helping companies and the people that work in them improve their customer service. I love to teach – to share what I’ve learned (and I’m a good teacher). Plus, I bring the benefit of being able to see holes in systems that on the surface look to be good and solid. It brings me joy to help companies grow and retain customers by improved service. I’ve been customer centric my whole life. Starting a business about it was a ‘no brainer’.

Thanks to: Heidi McCarthy of Toughest Customer.



108. Feed Your Mood and Lose Weight

My entrepreneurial path started when I was seeking healthier alternatives than medications after my son’s diagnosis of ADD with anxiety. After revamping my family’s diet, the results were astonishing both mentally and physically. My son is currently on the honor roll list with no symptoms and my husband and I lost weight and developed mental endurance and stamina. I started a business called Food4Thought with the focus on nourishing your brain and moods with the right foods to lose weight.

Thanks to: Treena Wynes of Food4Thought Wellness Services.



109. Art Has the Power to Heal

Shine On Brightly, a memorial art gallery at launched in 2008. The idea developed from a passion for art, and people’s stories.

Fifteen months later, a most unimaginable turn of events changed my carefully navigated path. My husband of 29 years died unexpectedly. Ten months later, his sister, a dear childhood friend, also died.

At first, I felt paralyzed by the losses. I soon recognized that I had found my vocation.

Thanks to: Adrienne Crowther of Shine On Brightly.



110. Commitment to Your Passion

I nurtured a passion for art and writing into a full-time business in order to transform my workdays into playdays. My advice to would-be entrepreneurs: Commit to your dreams now. Be willing to do things badly until you learn to do them well. Don’t quit. Understand that your passions and innate potential are valuable gifts. They are the keys to personal/professional fulfillment. Want to know the secret to happiness in just ten words? “Do what you love in a way that serves others.”

Thanks to: Bruce Garrabrandt of



111. Give Them the Tools!

In many businesses, the adage “sink or swim” is applied to newly promoted managers. The feeling is “hey, if you can learn as you go, then you are what we are looking for. If you can’t, you probably weren’t the right choice for management”.

The pattern was always the same. First survival, then growth and then, a few finally achieved success. My new business is supplying the tools new managers (and anyone who needs reminders) need from day one to understand their job and be successful.

Thanks to: Joel Quass of Good Management Is LLC.



112. Life Drives Needs

One Saturday morning I woke up, my 29 yr old wife does not. I was widowed with 3 kids, one in diapers. How do you earn the money, have the flexibility and personal growth to handle it all? Simple, be your own boss and have your own business! With no limit on earnings, money pressures are minimal, time, yes you can decide which half day you’re going to work and what part of the 24 hours it will be. I made lots of school events, time with kids and yes, lots of early mornings and late nights. All worth it!

Thanks to: Harlan Goerger of H. Goerger & Associates.



113. From Tears to Riches!

An emotional breakdown helped me to discover the negative beliefs and insecurities (what I call ‘bitches’) preventing true happiness. As a result, the Shedding the Bitch™ brand and our pseudo ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ business model was born. Our first line of books, workshops, and Bitch Parties surrounding my personal story – Shedding the Corporate Bitch, established Ball of Fire, Inc. as a media and publishing company helping men and women shift from Bitch to Rich in business and in life!

Thanks to: Bernadette Boa of Ball of Fire, Inc.



114. See Your Competitive Advantage

When I was the editor-in-chief of a top trade magazine in the media and entertainment industry, I realized that I could do a better job than the PR agencies that were calling me to pitch stories. With my journalism background, I knew that I could come up with better story ideas and that I could write better press releases and customer case histories. From there, it was really having the confidence to move this idea forward and having faith in my ability to succeed.

Thanks to: Randy Savicky of Strategy+Communications.



115. Do it! Or Die!

My ‘partner’ of 3 years decided to change business direction. At a surprise meeting, he offered me two alternatives: A or B. I chose C.
It was ‘Do it, or die!’ I was frightened. I’m creative, not business minded. I chose to view business as a creative venture. I forgot about the numbers & built a business celebrating people & creativity via ‘the golden rule’. It was the best decision of my life.
The inspiration: survival, the heart: people, the soul: creativity, the reward: freedom.

Thanks to: Barbara Forgione of Barbara Forgione Salon.



116. 2 Straights/Gay Publishers

I started publishing when a publisher friend died and no one wanted to take on the authors/books he left. Most were playwrights (such as Doric Wilson and Jane Chambers) I had directed or promoted. I had no capital. Actress/pal Maggie Task footed the bills. We partnered as TnT Classic Books, keeping books in print. So, two straight women became publishers of gay plays, novels and poems. When Maggie died, I added the Happy Task Series of straight books in addition to retaining gay books.

Thanks to: Francine L. Trevens of TnT Classic Books.



117. How Losing 500K Inspired Me!

Having all my life savings stolen by a financial advisor and having my self worth drop down to nothing…so much I wanted to kill myself, I started my business to help women recognize their self worth, their true worth. I help them know it is not associated to or connected to a dollar figure, their net worth, a house, an address, a husband, a job, not any of that…I teach them to recognize their true self worth and how the energy of that opens you up to have more wealth flow into your life.

Thanks to: Victoria Buckmann of



118. Movies with a Purpose

The notorious flop Gigli inspired me to make movies. If Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez could create a flick so soporific it makes critics’ worst lists to this day, I knew I could, too. So I invented Film Sleepy, the genre that puts the audience to sleep. The LA Times called my first Film Sleepy,, “The Most Boring Talky Ever Made!” while Sublime Crime: A Subliminal Mystery is revered by insiders as the first entirely subliminal mystery in history. Thanks, Bennifer!

Thanks to: Sondra Lowell of Film Sleepy.



119. I’ll Do it Myself, Thank You

By the time my first novel went to press, I had done most of the cover design, the interior layout, and the bulk of marketing. In return, I received 20% royalty. If I’m doing that much, why do I need a middleman? Thriving on challenge and learning new things lead to launching a publishing company. Using part-time help, we published three titles in 2010. With controlled growth, we will release four in 2011 in electronic and print format.

Thanks to: Bill H Moore of Celtic Publications.



120. The Best Idea of Your Life!

When I was still employed as a researcher, I developed this pen-and-paper-and-toys-based network mapping method (Net-Map) to understand complex problems. A friend said: “Be serious about this. This could be the best idea you have in your life. And even if it isn’t, treat it as if… because it is pretty good.” And he was right. Treating your business idea as the best idea you will ever have (for now) helps you develop the passion, urgency and commitment needed to turn it into a business reality.

Thanks to: Eva Schiffer of Net-Map.



121. Roots of OUR Business

The inspiration for starting RIFT SUCCESS (Recruiting Individuals For True SUCCESS) came from the need to help fight the unemployment epidemic and the economic plunge. Staffing agencies were many, but none were sympathetic to the needs of the client. Everything was about bulk quantities, but no care was taken to actually help each client individually. We knew that with the way the economy was going, we had to provide a service that was free for job seekers and cost effective to employers.

Thanks to: Junior Sanchez of RIFT SUCCESS.



122. You Don’t Need Nerds Anymore!

NSNA’s mission is to help businesses create an online presence, providing robust marketing tools like websites, email marketing & social media that help make money. NSNA’s passion is making sure that businesses can market themselves easily & affordably online. Businesses can tell the Nerds they don’t need them anymore because our application lets them manage & maintain their own Internet applications. We took away the confusion of online marketing, providing everything for the web in 1 place.

Thanks to: Peg Emmons of Net Solutions North America, LLC.



123. Unhidden Answers!

After years in the corporate world, I knew I wanted to do my thing – my own business; be my own boss. I joined an entrepreneur group and met amazing ladies who were writers, inventors, designers – you name it.
They all were so accomplished, but were struggling to make significant sales. I pitched in and helped, since selling was the one thing I knew how to do. I mentioned that I didn’t know what kind of business to start – and one of the women I had helped said “Why aren’t you doing this?”

Thanks to: Phyllis Nichols of SoundAdvice Sales And Marketing.



124. The World Needs Better Leaders

Helping other leaders develop and learn to succeed is a passion. I could have worked for a large consulting firm, but I have more actual experience than many of them and that experience tells me that they aren’t always right and they want to make things too complex. So, I started out on my own. I am independent and can train what I know really works. I admit, there’s a bit of a selfish desire too. As a leader, I always had a good feeling when someone succeeded. Now, I can get a good feeling and a check!

Thanks to: Bob Mason of RLM Planning and Leadership.



125. Inspired by a Bike Helmet

Owning Roscoe Village Bikes and wanting to turn inventory faster is what inspired me to open which helps give independent stores the online equivalent of having their store on Main Street- Unique Stores, Great Sales.

The dollars you spend at an independent store are more likely to be re-invested in your community. This has implications for charitable organizations, job creation and a healthy economic climate, right where you live. These benefits are my inspiration.

Thanks to: Lesley Tweedie of Little Independent.



126. Adults Don’t Want to Wear Bibs

The main inspiration for my business was the comment, “Adults don’t want to wear bibs.” So, I created a dignified clothing protector. The Cravaat™ by DinerWear™ is a stain resistant, machine washable scarf that protects your clothes from food spills. Now, it’s the comments “I need that,” “My husband needs that,” “My mother needs that,” that give me the on-going inspiration. Because the market is big, the need is real, and the solution is creative, I am inspired to succeed.

Thanks to: Kathy Steck of DinerWear™ Llc.



127. From Suffering to Success

I was meant to help others find inner peace. After surviving domestic violence, I became passionate about learning about anger. What I discovered transformed my life.
My first book, published in 1994, resulted in being invited to train teachers on anger management. That ignited my career as a motivational speaker specializing in teaching others to heal anger and conflict and actively choose peace and harmony. My 7th book, The Secret Side of Anger, was just released.

Thanks to: Janet Pfeiffer of Pfeiffer Power Seminars, LLC.



128. Football and Freedom

Oddly enough, former Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Bill Cowher was my inspiration, and I am not even a Steelers fan. When I heard him announce in 2007 that he was moving on after 15 years, I had an epiphany: I realized I was about the same age as Cowher and I had been serving as a VP of Communications and Marketing for the same 15 years. I had always promised myself I would get back to writing one day, open my own small firm, and get off the corporate hamster wheel, which I did.

Thanks to: Kevin Fritz of Fritz Communications, LLC.



129. Helping Find Work-Life Balance

I founded FlexJobs in 2007 after my own frustrating search for a flexible, telecommuting job. Pregnant with my first child, I was seeking a professional-level job that was in line with my career goals and offered work-life balance, but was amazed at the overwhelming number of scams in this job niche. Frustration turned to inspiration and I decided to find this type of career for myself AND help others in the same situation find this type of work. FlexJobs is now the leading site in its field!

Thanks to: Sara Sutton Fell of FlexJobs.



130. Fragrance Designer Geir Ness

Armed with just a dream and $1000, Norwegian born Geir Ness set his sights on Los Angeles to become an actor, but fate had a different plan for him. His perseverance and commitment to excellence has earned him well-deserved success. As Norway’s first fragrance designer, he’s made his mark on the world both as an entrepreneur and humanitarian. His company, Laila, also the name of his fragrance was named after his mother, a tribute to her. The rest is an amazing story to be told.

Thanks to: Beatrice Davis of Laila, Inc.



131. “The Secret” Gift

“The Secret” inspired me. It changed my belief system and convinced me that I could be successful. After getting my first cell phone and realizing I didn’t always have a good place to hold it, I got an idea from a little change purse on a string I’d bought at a yard sale for a quarter, years before. I realized how convenient it was. I decided to design something similar for my phone, have them manufactured and market it. I got my provisional patent, set up a website and here I am.

Thanks to: Pamela French of Pami Designs.



132. Taking Flight with Healing

The tragic death of my 13 year old son was definitely the catalyst for the company; to help others heal their own soul pain. In starting my business, I created a mission to let the millions around the world that have experienced trauma know that they do not have to just deal with the effects of trauma, they can have true and deep healing and live the lives they were meant to live.

Thanks to: Dr. Jane Simington of Taking Flight International Corp.



133. 6x Corporate Reject

After enduring 6 corporate layoffs in 8 years, I was no longer willing to base my livelihood on the whims of the corporate world. So, I started a coaching business and a newsletter that now has more than 2 million weekly readers. I self published two very successful books, built a solid clientele and I’ve never looked back.

Thanks to: Jennifer Hoffman of Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc.



134. Driver or Passenger?

I wanted to draft the company marketing plan, not follow someone else’s. My business is Financial Planning and I wanted to be in the driver’s seat to tailor my services to each individual client’s needs. Big corporations tend to have quotas and mechanisms in place that encourage employees to do what is best for the company, not necessarily what is best for the clients or customers. I thrive on tailoring solutions to individual client needs and always doing what is best for the client.

Thanks to: Lisa Ditkowsky, CFP(r).



135. Business Tip of the Year 2011

My one inspiration to share is “FREEDOM”- no one to answer to such as a BOSS. YIPPY!
Being your own boss can be hard work and tedious when seeking customers or clients for your services; sometimes you may feel like giving up, but it’s not worth it! Go for it!

Thanks to: Sharron Dark of Serving Your Unmet Needs.



136. Your Next Act: Having It All!

I was inspired to start my business based on one simple question: “Is this all there is?” Many highly successful professional women in their late 30′s and into their 40′s hit a “mid-course correction” where they want to start creating the next phase of their life, instead of just focusing on their existing career or their kids. They are ready to move into “What’s next?” and need strategies and help to be able to see all of the unique and creative options to creating the life they dream of.

Thanks to: Jennifer Peek of Peek Lifestyle Coaching.



137. From Tragedies to Successes

There was never one particular event that led me to starting Keeping Us Safe. It was the result of 20-plus years of holding dying people in my arms at terrible car accidents, and delivering dozens and dozens of death notifications to families. “I would much rather work with families of older drivers to bring a peaceful resolve to this sensitive and uncomfortable issue now, rather than have them deal with it when a State Trooper is knocking on their front door”.

Thanks to: Matt Gurwell of Keeping Us Safe.



138. Desperation to Triumph

As I sat in a hospital emergency ward unable to swallow anything, including my own saliva, I believed this was it; my life would be over – before I turned 39! A few months later, I had to come to terms with the fact there was nothing physically wrong with me. My mind had created it, due to my self-limiting beliefs and negative self talk. If I could create that, could I also create the life I wanted? Yes! Could I help others do the same? Absolutely. And so, my business was born.

Thanks to: Felicity Baker of From Fear to Joy.



139. City Girl + Country Boy = $$$$

As a socially-conscious U.C. Berkeley graduate who married a gearhead with a rambunctious tween in tow, I dismissed dreams of living in a loft near ethnic food and farmers markets, and compromised convenience for an isolated, suburban existence. Ten years and thousands of miles later, I realized how exhaustive it was zigzaging urban sprawl to handle basic errands, so I brainstormed a solution which combined amenity accessibility with a more efficient, safe and sustainable method of daily living.

Thanks to: Misha Garafalo of Handle My Task.



140. Fear Start-Up

For many, hanging that shingle is the result of a longtime dream realized. But sudden fear works too, when it comes to launching a new business. The 2008 market crash brought the realization that instead of simply investing in others, I had better start investing in a sure thing–me. Becoming a part of job generation and business creation has yielded a sense of empowerment, despite the challenges that starting a small business can bring. But now, I am not only an investor, I am also invested.

Thanks to: Sherrie Madia of Author, Social Media Survival Guide.



141. From Struggle to Success!

I was a Grammy-nominated but struggling songwriter…

My parents had been supporting me and my husband, but they both passed away in less than 1 year; and I had nothing to fall back on.

But, I had inherited an earthquake-damaged house. So, we fixed the house, which led to fixing houses for money. But, it wasn’t satisfying and I’d always wanted to be an author. I got online, wrote an ebook, looked for an ebook coach, but there weren’t any, so I became one; and the rest is history!

Thanks to: Ellen Violette of Create A Splash LLC .



142. Business Startup Inspiration

Many have asked the question, “What inspired me to start my business?” I started my business as a part-time venture prior to having my first child. During the first year after having my son, I realized I had to take the entrepreneurial concept on full-time. Having a child with Autism and ADHD, along with a kidney condition, took a lot of getting used to and working a full-time job would not work. So, having him inspired me even more to make entrepreneurship a lifestyle.

Thanks to: Karlene Sinclair-Robinson of


Ways to Help Others in the Community

May 17th, 2011

What we do to embrace our community is to help offer education. I believe the more people know the less they fear their situation. There are many additional ways listed below for additional companies in addition to ours. The original blog can be found at

1. Saying Thanks To My Community

The way I say thanks to my community is to do more business locally. When I need a product or service, I patronize local businesses first. One hand washes the other-I help them, and then they think of me when they need my services. Everyone wins.

Thanks to Dara Blaker of Dara…On Radio; The Voice Of What’s Cool, New And Exciting

2. Give Forever

Begin an endowment fund for your favorite community charity. Endowments give forever, long after your business and you have passed. Talk to a local Community Foundation and they will guide you.

My business began endowments in MD, IA, and UT.

Thanks to Bill Humbert of

3. Put Up, Show Up Or Shut Up

Different signs of appreciation over the years – Customer Appreciation night at local comedy club, volunteer for fundraisers with other organizations, financial contributions to fundraisers, donating gifts at auctions. If I can do it, I offer it.

Thanks to Patricia Weber of Business Coach For Introverts

4. Give To Where You Receive

We support events and charities in areas where our clients operate. Many of our clients and other groups ask for donations and in kind services. So we give contributions, in kind gifts, speak at events for free etc. It’s always appreciated.

Thanks to Augustus McMillan of McMillan Consulting

5. Education Is The Answer

I have given many free/low cost seminars to the public/businesses about healthcare and what options people have. This gives people comfort to know that they have someone who is willing to help make sure they get the best for their dollars spent.

Thanks to Carol Coots of Practical Cost Reduction

6. Offer To HELP Without Making A Profit

Offer to provide support outside of the profitability measurement. Devote some time to writing articles on helpful topics, volunteering to speak at organizations, agreeing to give information or education in select places with no renumeration.

Thanks to Beverly Flaxington of The Collaborative

7. Give, Give, Give!

And that is our motto. Our favorite way to embrace the community is to support local charities that help children in need. We donate time, advice, product and money. No better feeling than seeing a child walk taller and healthier.

Thanks to Selma Avdicevic of Woolly Boo®

8. Donate!

Teach My donates free product to the charities in our community. I am discerning about the charities I choose. We must have similar target markets and they must allow me to blog & facebook about our partnersship. In the end, it is a win-win!

Thanks to Christy Cook of Teach My

9. Be A Free Publicist

Whenever I’m particularly grateful to a client or colleague I give him or her a shout-in our monthly e-newsletter (circ = 2,000) or include them in a blog post with a link to their site. (And I always call (yes, on the phone) just to say THANKS!

Thanks to Nancy A. Shenker of Nunumedia & TheONswitch

10. You Can’t Beat Kids!

My dad would always say, “you can’t beat kids” and I agree. That being said, my tip (rule really) is 10% off all sales goes to a local charity to aid abused children.

Thanks to Tina Wick of Greenpurse

11. Read The Thank You Economy GaryVee

Gary Vaynerchuk’s latest book shows the way that entrepreneurs can take the bull by the horns and really differentiate their business — while Crushing It! (a la his last book).

The bottom line winning approach: relationships trump transactions.

Thanks to Kenny Jahng of Social Media Consultant And Coach

12. Without Your Community Your All Alone.

The Defination of COMMUNITY=People living in one particular area or people who are considered as a unit. Supporting not only local but on a National level as one is what this word means to me. We must support all and stand together to become one.

Thanks to Kimberly Davis of Hugga Bebe

13. How I Embrace My Community And Audience

My fundraising/event/public relations firm grew organically due to my involvement in the community surrounding issues that I am passionate about. Since I am a women owned business and adopted, I have “DONATED” my services to those not for profits.

Thanks to Deborah Hurley of HurleyJones

14. Be The Social Media Match-maker.

After connecting with your community, connect your community members with each other! They’ll appreciate the ability to make valuable new connections with like-minded people, and simply introducing someone to a new person is all it takes.

Thanks to Stacey Acevero of Vocus/PRWeb

15. Showing Appreciation

Get involved with the community and your customers. Give away prizes, awards, and have contests to show them how valuable they are to you. Stay involved and constantly Thank your customers so they know exactly how much they are appreciated!

Thanks to Shane Hardy of All Star Software Systems

16. Me And Wife Organizes Free Events To Enhance Their Lives!

As a Social Media Expert I help small business owners by showing them how they can improve their bottom line using twitter, facebook, youtube and blogging. At places I speak for free and sometimes offer free consultations.

Thanks to Sonny Ahuja of

17. Really Read The Posts!

So many people are too busy thinking of their own clever reply that they never read the content from “followers” and “friends” i.e. customers and clients. Social media allows all of us to shout to the world. The entrepreneur who stands out will be the one that really listens.

Thanks to Karen Southall Watts of Karen Southall Watts

18. Walk The Talk

Outside of giving to a charity of our customer’s choice; we walk the talk by giving our time and talents to those less fortunate in our community. We don’t just want to put money towards something; we want to give of ourselves.

Thanks to Elena Patrice of WebsitesGiveBack

19. Grow Their Business With Referrals

I found the best way to connect is by asking what can I give, rather than what can I get. I am always listening for ways to connect the people I meet with others to help each of them grow their business.

Thanks to Jessica Brace of Firewalker Creative Group, Inc.

20. Great Content!

In the online world, they say content is king. I agree. Providing great content builds trust, engages the community
and positions a busines or brand as an authority on their subject. Great content shows respect for the community and repeat visits.

Thanks to Nigel Swaby of Swaby Online Media

21. Lagniappe Your Way To Appreciation

The “lagniappe” is an unexpected small gift. I show appreciation to my business community by giving a lagniappe in the form of free seminars for my colleagues. And, I invite my clients and thus hit two targets with one professional stone.

Thanks to Marlene Caroselli of Center For Professional Development

22. Nexus IT Group’s Community Involvement

Nexus IT group, Inc. recently starting donating to a project of our choice at for every consultant we place at our clients site. This has been a great way for nexus IT group to give back and connect with the community.

Thanks to Travis Lindemoen of Nexus IT Group, Inc.

23. Give Of Yourself Freely

The biggest way to show your appreciation to your community is to give of yourself freely. If you are an expert at something that truly helps people, why not share that without charging for it. Perhaps giving away a self-help book for free.

Thanks to Harry Husted of Creating Words

24. Giving Back To Make A Difference

Embrace your community by giving back to organizations who need the services you provide. Reachout locally and globally to embrace your community. Encourage your friends and followers to do the same or start a movement to support an organization.

Thanks to Kim Beasley of Social Media Marketing For Business

25. What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Sharing valuable, relevant information of yours and of others shows your community and your audience that you care about them. Giving for the sake of giving, sharing so that others might learn, helps you stand out from the crowd.

Thanks to Diane Helbig of Seize This Day Coaching

26. Just For Girls

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of SCENSIBLES;feminine hygiene disposal bags,is donated to provide sanitary products & period starter kits to girls in need. It’s crucial for all girls to have ready access to personal products in a dignified way

Thanks to Ann Germanow of The Scensible Source Company

27. The Stunning Power Of “Thank You”

As head of non-profits, thanking people is about 1/3 of the job. I thank everyone who might remotely support our organization. I send thank you notes, by snail mail, to key people and acknowledge them in public. It’s more important than you imagine.

Thanks to Stuart Cohen of The Seventh System

28. Giving Back To The Community

One of the best ways I find for embrace the community is to give back. I find donating some time to helping within the community (whether through events or otherwise), they always can use the extra hands! The key is to not expect anything in return!

Thanks to Rob Jager of Hedgehog Consulting, Inc.

29. Acknowledge Accomplishments – Inarguably!!!

You hear of someone’s personal or business accomplishment- send congratulations. Tell them specifically what they did that had you take notice. “Great job!” is not enough. If just one thing wasn’t perfect, they won’t fully experience your embrace.

Thanks to Susan Bender Phelps of Odyssey Mentoring


Nothin’ says thank u 21st Century style more than a thank you video that u create that features their pix, logo or name..unless it is a Thank You Tribute Board. We do both for our 140 Certified Vision Board Coaches, colleagues & panel attendees

Thanks to Joyce Schwarz of JCOM Business Deelopment

31. Pay It Forward

NYCBNG is built on values of pay-it-forward. We give members a free networking event each month to create new relationships. We ask them to pay-it-forward to their contacts and promote 1 other biz from the event they attended, to complete the circle.

Thanks to Ilana Eberson of The NYC Business Networking Group

32. Give Back

At Life in Synergy in Boston, we often contribute to community local charities as a way to show our gratitude for choosing our business.

Thanks to Brian Collins of Life In Synergy

33. Saying Thank You!

Saying thank you can come in many forms, a personalized card, a small unexpected gift, an extra unexpected service or discount. Thank You should always be a “top of the list” part of our business, especially when we can smile and say “Thank You”.

Thanks to Robin Gerhart of UpYourMarket


When someone does something nice for me I either go on my blog or go to a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter.At the very least I send an e mail.
One other way is I sometimes send complimentary jewelry for exceptional deeds.

Thanks to Jeffrey Byer of Reminicents Penny Bracelet

35. Showing Gratitude

It is never too late to show gratitude, nor too early. After each interaction a customer or consumer can be thanked. Be it a verbal thank you, an email/snail mail for long-term patronage (and a discount too)!

Thanks to Rachel Permuth-Levine of Sodexo

36. BOOST!

Boost your community with support, return business & return acknowledgment, innovation, opportunity, advertise, showcase talents, encouragement, gratitude, philanthropy, hope, & praise equals boosting your business community as well as your audience!

Thanks to Asha Spacek of UR SuperModels

37. Just Say Thank You!

Just say “Thank You”, no discount, no sniveling, or back handed sales offer that discredits your honesty. Just say it!

Thanks to Angela Larson of Fierce Fun Toys, LLC

38. Community Support

I always look for something I am personally interested in like the Humane Society. Since I am an animal person, that appeals to me. If you can match your love to something you can be of service to, it makes it all the more fulfilling.

Thanks to Gayle Carson of Carson Research Center

39. Personal Thanks Has Lasting Impact And Longevity

There is nothing better than receiving a hand-written note, a personal thanks done over the phone, a random act of kindness, and acknowledging customers and audiences by name through social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).

Thanks to Greg Jenkins of Bravo Productions

40. Give Yourself Freely

Give + give freely. Your time.Your insight.Your expertise.Share your successes and failures.Your community wants to connect with you to solve a problem,be more successful,learn and grow.Give and you will receive.Serve and you will be served,all ways!

Thanks to Robin Samora of

41. Participate In Charity Events

It is always important to participate in charity events, and to encourage others to participate as well. That way, a person is leading by example. For example, right now I am part of a national ‘lock-up’ campaign, raising ‘bail money’ for a charity.

Thanks to Mark McLaughlin of MANCOMM

42. Strengthening Communities Through Action

I lead a professional development company, the most effective way to thank the community is to speak to students on career day. I encourage literacy and writing and give each student an autographed copy of my book and encourage them to write a book.

Thanks to Paul Vann of Wealth Building Academy, LLC

43. Turn The Spotlight On Them

Weekly, I showcase a member of our Advisory of Women Entrepreneurs, to talk about challenges women face in their niche, best tips, & how their biz can make a difference. Great way to personally connect with amazing women & bring value to my readers.

Thanks to Dr. Shannon Reece of Reece International LLC

44. Share, Give, Participate

Our photography studio is continually involved in donating services and products and raising money for local causes, schools and organizations. We feel that the best way to conduct our business is to “do well by doing good”.

Thanks to Oana Hogrefe of Oana Hogrefe Photography

45. Give Them A Promotion

A great way to say thank you is to let others know that they exist. The economy has forced everyone to use their marketing and advertising dollars more productively. We have to do more with little. Say thanks by promoting your audience entrepreneurs

Thanks to Derrick Hayes of Motivation To Your Mobile

46. Embrace The Currency Of Thank You

Embrace the currency of thank you and seize every opportunity you can to lift up others to make them feel appreciated. Giving people a shout-out via your social networks is a quick, easy way to make someone feel their efforts are meaningful.

Thanks to Jillian Koeneman of Freshlime: Digital Marketing

47. A Winning Formula

Volunteer…a person who willingly undertakes a service without compensation. Help in a soup kitchen, tutor a student, or teach someone to read. Whatever your passion, share your talents with your community; everyone wins – you AND your business.

Thanks to Linda Nagamine of EZ Living Connection LLC

48. Ways To Embrace Your Community And Audience

Whether you are standing front of an audience on a podium or you are standing in front of your community at a public function, perception and presence are key factors in conveying your message.
Be real, speak from the heart and never lie.

Thanks to Helen Georgaklis of The 99 Series

49. Suffer The Little Children

The best way to show appreciation to the community is to do something for the children. Customers are often at their wits end when it comes to organizing engaging, cost effective and fun activities for the kiddies, especially during the summer.

Thanks to Marsha King of BuiCatalyst

50. Find The Need And Fulfill It.

SoCal Entertainment is always willing to work with the community for a cause. Meaning any event or cause that needs the services we provide can contact us and we may be able to donate our entertainment/services towards their event!

Thanks to Vanessa Fusco of SoCal Entertainment

  51. Sponsorships And Partnerships

Look at donating to client’s favorite charity on their behalf. Everybody has a cause, and as long as their cause fits with your business culture- help them out! Free word-of-mouth marketing for you and they get something out of it too. Everyone wins!

Thanks to Troy Thompson of Clear Vision Partners

52. We Only Have Once Chance To Make A First Impression

I do volunteer workshops on “Communication Skills.” From the unemployed to teens to Chambers of Commerce, I teach people how to communicate to create positive impressions in themselves and others, enhancing their ability to succeed.

Thanks to Ronald Kaufman of Ronald Kaufman Consultancy

53. Involve Your Audience!

The best way to embrace your community and show thanks for supporting your business is to involve them. Invite them to guest blog, comment and provide feedback. Rather than talking at your audience, give them the tools to talk to you and be heard.

Thanks to Mike Sprouse of

54. Be The Cheerleader

When you have the opportunity, shout out about what is good about your community. Make referrals, write testimonials, let others know about great small businesses and community events. Be the cheerleader, be positive and be grateful.

Thanks to Leanne Hoagland-Smith of ADVANCED SYSTEMS

55. Give Till It Hurts

Give till it hurts and then give some more; then watch the miracles happen.

Thanks to Tommy Stern of

56. Thank Your Community By Giving Them The Gift Of Life

Gifts are a great way to show appreciation. You can take it one step further. Sponsor and invite clients and prospects to a free first aid or CPR training class. Everyone knows they should be trained and you’ve given them a welcome opportunity.

Thanks to David Burckhard of PicturePoint On-line

57. Giving Back

My PR firm serves both the for-profit and non-profit sectors; therefore I donate services to professional associations and other groups that serve those sectors. Among other activities, I host two shows aired on our local public radio station.

Thanks to Jane Blume of Desert Sky Communications

58. Send Handwritten Notes

If you rely on a smaller number of clients for the majority of your business, nothing says “Thank you” like a personalized, handwritten note of appreciation. Taking time to write in ink vs. sending an email really shows you care.

Thanks to Tony Adams of Robitzsch Bamboo Flooring

59. Market To Your Backyard

People who live/work within a 2 miles radius of your business are often ignored, you can increase sales & show your community appreciation, by devising specialized programs specific to this target market. Works if you have a retail location or not!

Thanks to Tiffany Bradshaw of Bradshaw And Co Consulting

60. Connect Them To Your Network!

As a networking guru, my best tip for showing appreciation to my audiences and community is to connect them to my network. When you become a hub, a ‘go to’ guy, a connector, a conduit or a door to great people they need, you say thanks in a big way!

Thanks to Rob Brown of Global Networking Council

61. CSR Begins With A Donation

Corporate Social Responsibility begins with each of us. To show appreciation to your community or an employee, give a meaningful gift. No matter what size your corporation, just you or a Fortune 500 company, your community and business will benefit.

Thanks to Pamela Hawley of UniversalGiving

62. Give Back Where It Makes Sense

Embrace your community by selecting a few events/causes that are consistant with your business’ mission/values. We choose to promote kindness by sponsoring anti bullying events in our local school, and our nearest hospice for end of life support.

Thanks to Caroline Cheshire of Healing Baskets

63. Exclusive Coupons!

Show your customers you appreciate them by offering exclusive incentives via a mailing list. You get constant contact with your customers and they benefit by receiving special discounts and other promotional offers.

Thanks to Pam Pennington of Houston Sod Grass

64. Let Your Fans Promote Themselves

Show your fans how much you care by allowing them to share their own content on your blog or website. Everyone loves free publicity for their business and it benefits everyone involved, just look at TPE!

Thanks to Terry Jones of Houston Sod Company

65. Show Them How To Have A Great Life

Most people provide gifts, remembrances, and genuine thanks. Those are all good things to do. But people most appreciate when you take the time to give them good advice that greatly improves their lives in a kind and loving way . . . at no cost.

Thanks to Donald Mitchell of The 400 Year Project

66. Party It Up!

Everyone loves a party, especially when it’s free and fun! Make your event memorable and kid friendly! You don’t have to spend a million dollars, but you shouldn’t be cheap either…remember, events reflect the quality of you & your business.

Thanks to Gregorio Palomino of CRE8AD8

67. Be Active

Join local community services such as the Chamber of Commerce and be a volunteer that shows genuine active concern for your community. Be available for boots on the ground work needed. Dig in!

Thanks to Bryan Geary of OPF Enterprises, LLC

68. It’s Not About THIS Sale, It’s About THE RELATIONSHIP!

We say thank you by supporting the causes and efforts our cutomers are passionate about. Be that sponsorships, donations, partner recommedations or services; nothing says THANK YOU more sincerely than offering up your time, talent and resources.

Thanks to Steven G. Foster, CMP, CTA of Foster+Fathom

69. Always Give Back

Giving back to clients & community is a great way to show support & appreciation. I give gifts for referrals, offer products for giveaways, schedule complimentary coaching, etc. I also believe in sharing quality resources in Facebook & newsletters.

Thanks to Katy Tafoya of Success For Solopreneurs

70. “Help Me, Help YOU”

Partner with your clients & customers to help them help a local charity or non-profit organization they are involved with. (Boys/Girls Clubs, Boy/Girl Scouts, etc…) Donate your time or a percentage of sales & watch the goodwill pour in.

Thanks to John Brubaker of The Sport Of Business, LLC

71. Easy Ways For Publicists To Give Back

This is simple and I try to do this once a year. First, pick a cause, friend in need or organization near and dear to your heart. Second, comp a PR campaign. Ask what they need and draft a press release and promote. Simple. Quick. Effective.

Thanks to Michele Smith of M Communications Inc

72. Extreme Client Care!

Extreme Client Care covers a myriad of possibilities – here is a favorite. Give surprise Thank You gifts, discounts, services or freebies that tells your audience they are appreciated and valued. Do this for your smallest to your largest account.

Thanks to Heidi McCarthy of Toughest Customer

73. Good Old Fashioned Thank You Note

Send your customers a hand-written thank you note of appreciation. This shows you put time and thought into your appreciation of them.

Thanks to Matt Winn of Volusion

74. The MILF Movement (wait….whaaaa?)

It’s not what you think! LOL My tagline is “Mother-Inspired Lingerie..FABULOUS” so I set up a FB page to invite people to show what MILF stands for them..and every “like” my company will donate $.25 to the Ovarian Cancer Research for the Cure!

Thanks to Suzy Mac of Who’s Your Mommy, Llc

75. Everyone Can ALWAYS Do This!

Even in tough economic times, no matter how rich or poor, every entrepreneur out there can always give a smile and a kind word. Sounds corny–but it’s true! And that…will change a community.
“Coach Gary” Micheloni

Thanks to Coach Gary Micheloni of Best Video Web Marketing

76. Be Available!

I have been a member of my community for 39 years. The more well -known I become the more I am asked to speak or mentor or just participate. The most important asset you have is your time. Offer your time to your community. Be present and available.

Thanks to Vicki Donlan of VickiDonlan

77. Massage Them

We focuses on the treatment of athletes, especially runners. To pay back our patients, we travel to area races and offer all participants complementary stretching and massage. Our existing patients are allowed to jump to the front of the line.

Thanks to Jeffrey Cumro of Better Life Chiropractic And Wellness, LLC

78. Honor And Flaunt Your Customers’ Successes

The best way to embrace your customer community is to give them props! Highlight the great things they are doing in press releases, case studies, and better yet, a customer award program that honors their achievements and gives them positive press.

Thanks to Sue Watkins of

79. Talk Them Up!

Take every opportunity to let the ones you trust, and who trust your judgment, know about the superior services of the businesses in your community. Show your support by giving credit, in public forums, for their results and contributions. Go that extra step and show your trust by referring your friends.

Thanks to Maria Pinochet of Kore Access, Incorporated

80. Be Willing To Give Back To Them At Your Expense Sometimes!

My one best tip on “Ways To Embrace My Business Community And Audience” is by providing regular fellowships and gatherings for them at my expense. This sends a message that our relationship and partnership is mutually appreciated. It builds locality!

Thanks to Kevin Benton of Kevin Benton Ministries

81. Join A Service Group

I love supporting the community that has supported my business growth. Giving back is what we all should do to gain karma points going forward. Join a local Service organization. I joined the Lions. Your business will grow – give it a try!

Thanks to Dotty Scott of Premium Websites, LLC

82. Give Don’t Ask

Give of what ever you have. Time, advice, seminar or anything else that will benefit your community. And do it for free! It will leave a lasting impression for a long time and will surely pay for itself hundreds of times over.

Thanks to Edwin Soler of Libreria Berea

83. Host A TEDx Event

On April 29, myself and 6 others hosted TEDxGlastonbury. This was a conference open to the public with the intention of sharing new ideas. We had Irish step dancers, musicians, local artists, a comedian, and 5 speakers who shared their ideas.

Thanks to Maria Keiser of The Entrepreneur Circle

84. Paying It Forward

Hi Mike,

The way I embrace my community and audience is by paying it forward. I never expect anything in return yet the results speak for themselves. Goodwill towards others yields good fortune.

Thanks to Janet Bernasconi of Janet’s Creative Pillows

85. Community Thank You!

Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie’s Retail Store in Colorado is a landmark in our community as we fit Breast Cancer Survivors and women less fortunate with Dress for Success. This is our “feel good junkie” corporate care way of saying thank you!

Thanks to Alicia Vargo of Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie


Gas Prices and Cost Savings

May 9th, 2011

Is there anyway to lower your gasoline costs? There are many ways to help.

1. Always fill up early in morning so there are less vapors that get lost in filling up your automobile.

2. Use a quality gas station as some less expensive ones have been known to water down their gas.

3. Make sure your tire pressure is what it it supposed to be.

4. Make sure your oxygen sensor on your car is working appropriately.

5. Shows like Myth Busters have shown on pick up trucks that leaving a tailgate down or having none makes for higher gas consumption.

6. Empty your car. The more excess weight the more gasoline that is used. (Empty trunk and excess “stuff” ).