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Some questions answered by the authors in the book are:

“ This book can be used by anyone from age 18 to age 90. The concepts will help anyone in this age range. The book makes an excellent stocking stuffer for Christmas. ”

– Sharon Mutter

With over 20 years in saving money for manufacturing and health care companies, Carol and Norm are now applying theses skills to the home and small business. In this book they explain how to make the right decisions in saving money:
So, Jump Right in and Learn How to Stop Wasting Money Now!


If you are like most people, you are always trying to find ways to cut back on the bills, or at least on the money going out of your pocket rather than into your savings. Well, Stop Wasting Money! is the way to go. There are 57 different sections listing ways to save money and time! These sections are from ways to save time with organizing your kitchen to save time finding and using items to ways to save on water usage to baking your own food to saving on health care expenses and everything in between.

Each section contains at least one way to save in that area and as many as 26 different ways to save. Obviously there are more ways in some areas than others. You should be able save some money by reading this great savings book!

I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to save a little money to a lot of money. It would even be a great gift for your children who are just moving out on their own or those thinking about it.

Shawn Ann.com

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A great business and personal resource to actually save money. Additionally, Carol and Norm have a tremendous amount of real-world, hands-on experience helping individuals and businesses alike.  With the book and the Coots you have three phenomenal resources to actually KEEP the money you EARN. 

Alan Short, the ProudDad™
ProudDad Success Solutions, LLC

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